Spaceman Spiff

Inspired by my favorite comic alter-ego: Spaceman Spiff

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Miss Monica

Inspired by my favorite comic alter-ego: Spaceman Spiff


nice work! like it!


This really would have been so much more awesome if it was colored in his Sunday Strips format.


My love of C&H is tempered with the fact that Bill Watterson was adamant that his creation not be merchandised. Doing so, no matter how much of a tribute, seems disrespectful to the guy.

Miss Monica

Thank you unsolicitedCRIT for bringing Mr. Watterson's opinions up, I've seen the back and forth commentary on other calvin and hobbes, and yours is by far the nicest put. Honestly I was very hesitant about submitting this design, especially after I read the comments on other Calvin and Hobbes fan art... And then I did some research and read through interviews with Mr. Watterson and I looked at his political art, and I reread all his books, and I believe that I’ve done nothing wrong or disrespectful. Watterson didn’t want Calvin telling you to drink Coke, to vote, to pee on ford…basically to stand for anything except a little boy and his wild shenanigans with his best friend. Say what you will but this is my fan art, I acknowledge and respect your opinions and I AM sorry but I’m going to do what I want to do and you will likewise do what you want to do. Everywhere there are fans, you will find fan art. Hobbes never went on any adventures with any of Calvin’s alter egos and I think he would have made a great sidekick. I don’t want to argue, I've seen what happens on the other shirt designs. If you think this design has the possibility to get printed then I suggest emailing threadless, or getting your friends to give it a bad score. I loved making this shirt and I will stand by it. Thank you.


I support the work and your intentions. Any artist with half a heart would at least respect an honest and heartfelt tribute that doesn't sully their characters. Yes, even Watterson. Anyone questioning your artistic integrity better be damn sure they know something about you - and not, you know, just picking their hate scabs in front of a computer monitor 24-7 and rushing to misinformed judgement.

Miss Monica

Thank you very much DouseTheLights, you didn't deserve the nastiness you got on your design. I personally loved it and I thought you deserved a better score and better treatment. I probably jumped on the defense too quickly in my response, and I maybe shouldn't of had the "I'm going to do what I want..." in there. But this design is our first t-shirt submission and I'm nervous and antsy. I'm super happy that it has lasted this long though and I'm very grateful to everyone for being so kind and supportive. You guys are awesome!


Nicely drawn, I feel it would have benefited from more colours 5


Any artist with half a heart would at least respect an honest and heartfelt tribute that doesn't sully their characters.

This is entered in a contest for money.

There is no heartfelt tribute when money is involved. It's the money that sullies the characters.

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Adder! Stay tuned, Pally. More good stuff coming...

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