Which one looks better?

Which one would look best on a t-shirt, if any? Criticism is welcomed but keep in mind these are rough drafts.

Edit: Apparently, my design reminds people of Weebl and Bob? I hope this was a good show because I have never heard of it in my life. :(

Watch this
travis76 profile pic Alumni

second one, but the beam and pie don't match the style of the dude and ship.
and ditch the pieplate shadow or just go solid.


travis, when you're talking about different styles, do you mean the pie doesn't have a thicker line on the bottom like the ship does?

also, i'm not sure about what you mean by the beam being in the wrong style. clue me in if you can.


The middle one is cool. Maybe make the word "PIE" look like alien language?


i like the alien pie thief... :)


Yeah, I like the alien as well. I don't think I would consider buying either of the others.


That center one is awesome! I'd also consider making the hover up doo-hicky centered though. But yeah, it's by far the best.


thank you all for the feedback!

abeadles, the font idea is one i am taking into consideration, thanks!

pifman, haha yeah i know what you mean. it looked odd and i was gonna center it but i didn't have white out and i didn't feel like re-drawing it for that.. :(

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pie/take one!


Instead of the word "PIE", have "3.14!!!".


Patrick, that's a great idea. Thanks!


This reminds me so much of Weebl and Bob.


the second one defo, but dont do 3.14! its nice as just a plain old fashioned pie thief :)

Ady bear

the last one


Yeah, I'm glad somebody mentioned Weebl and Bob before me.

That was the first thing I thought of.

ps.-the second one is bestest.


Definitely the second one! I agree with no shadow on the plate though - it kinda distracts you from the main drawing.


I like the first and second one.


yeah i love the second one but i agree with dolly about the 3.14/pie thing


If anyone else has any input on these, it'd be much appreciated. I have a big feeling I'm gonna try to design one of them tomorrow in Illustrator.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

alien one, but his tracter beam thingie looks like a foot, clean that up and I'll be happy. but whatever, maybe that's what you want.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

yeah alien one gets my vote as well
and yeah like rob said fix teh tractor .. just center it on teh descending post and itll be fine


alien pie!!

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