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  • by gasss97
  • posted Aug 11, 2010

Watch this

Hi !rnI don't know if I have enough time before the end of Comics challenge,rnBut, why not ...rnwhat do you think about itrnrnthanks by advance for your quick comments


haha this is like to see how it would look with color =) If you have time please comment and score my Bum

Mr Punch

Its funny. How fast can you blast this out? Love to see it inked and colored.

Check out My Eyes Are Up Here if you have a sec

Mr Punch

I don't know if you need the text. I feel like the husky heroes would speak for themselves.

Bio-bot 9000
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haha, what about Arthur from the Tick?


yyyeeeessss !!!!! very funny, your link !


The first colors, It's not totally finished, I still have a bit of work.

If you have any comments, they're welcome, thanks .


"Don't submit" ????

I know it's not finished,

I posted this step to receive first feedbacks about colo


Hi ! I show you the progression of the design, it take me a lot of time and I'm not full time on it. I hope to finish it soon.

If you have some critics, comments or other....



Hi ! I finaly finish all characters, I wonder me if it needs background, could you tell what you all think ......

thaaannnkkss !!!!


Oh my. Middle age has hit our favorite heroes. Hahahaha. This may have an issue with copyrights, but it's funny.

critique me!


Probable copyright issues aside, your more stickler viewers might get antsy that you're mixing DC and Marvel (I know purists like that). It's very lovely work though! It looks airbrushed, but cleaner than a lot of airbrush work I've seen.

If you have a minute, I'd really appreciate a word on my new design,


Good drawing but I think that this might fall into copyright issues because they are all property of DC or Marvel, usually when people do parodies they tweek the costumes a could try submiting it but if it gets regected try changing minor things to lead away from blunt logos of them.

Please Critique mine

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