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What Processes Does Threadless Use to Print Its Shirts?


What methods of printing does threadless use to print it's shirts? I know at one time you could only do designs with up to 8 colors, but now there is no limit correct? What is the printing method used to create the imaginative multi colored shirts that I see being selected now? Thanks!

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simulated process. I think


I'm asking because I have my own t shirt line, and I am having the toughest time finding the best printing method for my designs. I hope it's not wrong of me to ask the Threadless community :-/ Most of you around here seem to be pretty in the know with the t shirt design process.

What is simulated process? Is it a form of screen printing? Is it expensive?


I would google it...


^as I know nothing of the printing process Hmmm, I'm being a great help here...

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It's related to real process printing where colors are reproduced using transparent CMYK inks. In simulated process you use opaque inks but they don't have to be the CMYK colors but can be anything that's needed to reproduce the design in print. This is what it looks like up close:

So it's a bunch of haltoned color layers printed over a usually light undercoat. I guess it's more expensive than regular screen printing because the color separating process can take time and a few tries to get the colors right.

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