Dear Threadless

  • by kmuto
  • posted Jul 24, 2010

Dear Threadless,

Please reprint this shirt. I've had this shirt for a little while now and I just gave it away (but with good reason!).

I've always gotten compliments on this shirt and tonight was no different. I was at a bar and a beautiful girl offered me something in return for my shirt. I agreed and I'm quite satisfied with my decision, and I'm sure she is too (I have a story and she has an awesome shirt).

But at the same time, I reeeeeaally like this shirt. So.. a reprint would be much appreciated.


p.s. I can now truthfully say that I have given someone the shirt off my back.

Watch this


thank you!


This shirt never fails to get sold out a hell of a lot ;_;


Yeah I made sure to hop on the reprint as quickly as I could (even at the risk of being late with rent). I'm gussing you missed your chance?




We have one each for the three in my family - daughter's now outgrown hers (a few batches back, they shrunk like 2 sizes on first wash...? seen that behavior in no other Threadless T-shirts). Needing a new one as well...

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