Caught in 8Bit Romance

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The many outfits of Gaga! Retro-Gamey style!


like the idea...don't know about one straight line it doesn't bug me or anything but have you tried putting them in rows of 3's?


That's a great idea. I'll toy around with the placement some more and see what I can come up with


hey thanks for commenting on mine, here i am now checking yours out. i think the idea of the rows of 3's is going to fit perfectly on this design. i'm not sure about the tee colour, do you have any other options? try them out to see which one's best good luck!


like the idea too... but i would also think about the placement


Alright, I'm working on a version two as we speak, using the 3x3 placement.


Rearranged their placement, and added the word "GaGa" in between them.

matt attack

haha great idea. not too sure about the GaGa. could do with a bit more work, but i think the rows of three definately looks better!

please stop by and critique


Yeah, I'm not sure about the Gaga either, but the shirt needs more than just the little characters standing on nothing all over. Maybe a drop shadow behind each one?


o.o after a first heart attack for the surprise, I've watched better the drawing. The little girls are cute but I think that the text GAGA make all more confused. and also, I think that the title is the most funny thing so I'd like to see it instead that the name GAGA.

I'm not a real Lady Gaga fan but I recognise some of her clothes, so I'm sure that even other people can recognise them, and understand even the "Caught in a bit romance" joke, if you write it :3

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I'd love to see the Kermit frog outfit in there.

Maybe get rid of the GAGA.


I actually tried to get the kermit outfit on there, but there's only so much detail you can get into such a low resolution, so I stuck with her more popular outfits from her music videos and such, and threw in a hot dog suit for good measure.


Added a drop shadow, and removed the "Gaga"

I feel like I need something else in here, I'm just not sure what. Any ideas?


I added girders, because I felt like they needed something to stand on. Now I feel like I should offset them, though, so it's not so clean and uniform.




LOL. EPIC!!!! This is so awesome!!! You're a little Monster aren't you. Gaga should see this. If she shows this to her monsters, this will be printed FOR SURE!


How would I go about getting this design shown to Ms. Gaga? I'm quite a fan, but I've never heard of her "Little Monsters"

Thanks for the praise! :D


I don't know... Send this to her on her Twitter page for one. She checks it personally I've heard. You should do that. If she loves this enough and she will, she will talk about this somewhere and give you publicity you'll never get here. Do it do it do it do it!!!

FYI, her 'Little Monsters' are hardcore Gaga fans. Like ME!!!! And you. It is not something you become, it is something you are. Do it do it do it do it do it!!!!

Oh! If you haven't yet, I've only got one day left on scoring for Uner the Kilt and With the Wind could use some constructive critiques. Thanks!


Proooooobably just me on this, but I don't like the whole idea of hootchies on a shirt. The audience goes down to 12 years of age, so... By the way, I'm aware this is supposed to be Gaga, but she's a hootchie. When a student is down on his funds...


Shortened the girders and offset the groups to make it more visually interesting. Also organized the outfits chronologically.


Also, to those of you who haven't figured it out, those are all Lady Gaga outfits that she has worn in different music videos; minus the hot dog suit, of course.


it'd be cool to see the girders stretched closer to the edges maybe...but leave the position of the the gaga's the same maybe?? i like it whatever you do, but it's just a suggestion. :)


Thanks for the tips, that girder idea is a great one.

I already have scored it, Ibeenthere! It's an awesome design.


Extended the girders, showed a pallet of the 8 colours used, and added previews on actual T-Shirts


i like how you gave it a border of some sorts. i would trash the shadoys cast on the tee. more then that i don't really know what to sugest, but i feel it needs more. maybe a background like an old video game? PS if you have the time, please give me your input on


ah cool!! this is looking really really good!! :D i like how you treated the girders! works really well! i think sub it!!


this is sickkk i would totally buy this shirt


I'm going to try adding my leftover Gagas, now that I have the space to do so, and see how that turns our.


Nevermind. Too many colours, scratch that idea.


Does anyone know how I can turn the drop shadow into a half tone, rather than a gradient? I'm kind of new to the whole colour restrictions thing.


WTH The firs half of my comment got hacked off haha. Anyway I said I loved it and like the style and 8bit makes me nostalgia more or less haha. Good luck with this!


Cleaned up the model's shirts. Pushing it into the running now.

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