OH COME ON! I saw that the Hypotamoose shirt was finally reprinted, so I thought, "hey, I should go buy some stuff!" And then I saw that this awesome little guy was still in my cart from browsing a few days earlier. But when I went to check out, it had LITERALLY JUST SOLD OUT!! Who got the last one?! Why does threadless hate me?! Reprint reprint reprint reprint!

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Because you touch yourself at night?


The exact same thing happened to me. Happily browsing around the Threadless Stock Chart for more interesting ideas and concepts, then upon checking out realise that two pieces had been sold out. Not impressed.

Surely Threadless should have a system whereby if you add an item to your Checkout that Threadless actually assumes you are intending to purchase it, and therefore would reserve that specific item and not let others purchase it?

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that sounds good in theory, but id imagine people would ad things thinking - ill buy it in two weeks when my pay comes in, and thats not really fair.
but if you could have a time limit for how long it can be in there before you send it through for purchase that'd be sweet


I just wish they would repriiiiiiiiint it.


I just bought the boys small shirt. Hah. :D


i don't like it so much


that sucks!!


Same thing happened to me as well. I hope they reprint sooner rather than later.


i neeeeed a reprint of this the exact same thing happened to me!!!!

i really need this shirt!!!


Worse yet I ordered the shirt under the impression that I got the very last men's medium. A few days later I got a message from threadless saying my order was cancelled because their stock was incorrect.


same thing happened to me too! just with the 'taged' shirt.

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