Une pipe!?

  • by zengerbil
  • posted Jul 24, 2006

Wow! This is a nice design!

I'm a French speaker living in Québec and I think that every French speaker will see the sexual reference at first. Was that intended? I've seen only one comment about that and I am surprised as it is so obvious! "Pipe" is almost the only word used to say a blowjob and the flower has teeth which makes it even funnier.

I will probably buy it - but will never wear it at work! - and you can be sure that everyone will laugh... if not shocked!

(sorry again for my so bad English - I really am a French speaker!)

Watch this
Ste7en profile pic Alumni

yeah well pipe just means tube, or hollow cylindrical object in the states so stop being so french


Haven't you ever played Super Mario Bros?

Larlar profile pic Alumni

I live in Ottawa (and am somewhat bilingual) and had no idea you guys used "pipe" for blowjob. That's hilarious slang.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

the original magritte classic WAS crude sexual humour, it's just that it went way over the heads of the square art critics


Ste7en: I can't stop being so French as I am French - this doesn't mean I don't understand that in the states it has no sexual connotation. I only meant that here, in Québec, there is a more than obvious connotation and I was wondering if it was intended.

kc_6201: Of course I have! And I never thought the flowers could do blowjobs - this is why I think it's so funny.

fb: I don't really want to! But I can't read the sentence without thinking about a blowjob. The fact that it is in French makes it very difficult for me not to see it.

Larlar: Neighbours always have things to learn things about each others! ;) And yes, our slang is sometimes hilarious!


OlliRudi, really? Using 'pipe' like zengerbil said? Hm. News to me, but very interesting. It's kind of a staple of surrealism.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

wow. you totally made me want to buy the shirt even more!!!



I just bought this shirt for my husband who is originally from Montreal. Here in Toronto, the original artwork on which this design is based in very well known. The French slang, however, is not. Just another reason for you to vote for the Bloc, I guess. ;)


OlliRudi: Oh that's nice! So I do understang that misunderstood artist that is Magritte!! :P

squintygirl: well.. maybe it is one reason.. of course.. I imagine a united Canada speaking all together our sexual slang!! ;)


I agree! This could bring the nation together! :)


crazy canadians

we call it "coppin' domes"

or "gettin' knowledge/brainz" here


We call it 'head' or occasionally 'a headpiece' here in PA, USA.

hogboy profile pic Alumni

Hey zengerbil, while you're there how would a French speaker say " Whos your daddy?".... I want to use it in a design for a certain French website.... seriously... freetranslations.com says it is: qui est votre papa is that right?


hogboy: I would say "Qui est ton papa?" "votre" or "ton" depends if you are speaking to only one person (ton) or many (votre) or if you are speaking to someone you want to be familiar with (ton) or someone you really have to respect (such as a old person or a professor or your new girlfriend mother - votre).
...and "papa" for daddy, "père" for dad. "papa" is most likely a kid word.

hogboy profile pic Alumni

thanks a bunch man... super help

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

I've read in the Bob Nanna blog that there is a design similar to this. I think it's the one without the monster plant. What's the dealio?


Eh - good to see other quebecer around.

Yah, I thought about the sexual referrence as soon as I saw the Tee. That's probably why I'm not going to buy it. :/

Wonder how many french canadian knows about threadless. Feel like I'm the only one in Montreal.


sbelanger: We are at least two! And the few guys I sent the link to.
Btw my grand-mother name is Bélanger :)


Eh eh. I'll keep an eye open when I go downtown.


what I'M wondering is how in the world they even got through the first panel of judges. It looks a LOT like the pipes in Super Mario Bros. I once submitted a hand-drawn shirt of Batman playing a bat-shaped guitar and it got rejected. Meh oh well.
I think I may buy this one once I get $15... I'm a brokeass.....

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

It IS the pipe from Mario Bros, and it will lead you to World 3-4 ;)


I'm an aussie who speaks french and even I got the sexual reference the first time I saw this shirt. But hey, if I see anyone wearing it I'm not going to explain why i'm laughing :)


I had a meeting with my soon-to-be French teacher a week ago (we have this classroom orientation thing) and she explained the sexual reference in the original painting as a passing reference when talking about French culture. It was really funny.


Haha, This is not a blowjob.


Larlar profile pic Alumni

I'm totally going to wear this shirt the next time I go to the casino in Quebec. The reactions will be so sweet.


Yeah Vive le Québec libre! :)

I'm from Quebec too, and just like zengerbil I can't see this shirt without thinking about a blow job :) This tee must be reprinted


nice .. an english vs french debate.. classic!

I'm from Quebec too... and is gradually getting people around me addicted to Threadless :)


Im doing a summer study abroad program in lille right now, and one of our french speaking helpers freaked out when she saw this shirt, It was kind of embarassing at first because I just went, "oh so thats why I got all those weird looks today" but I will greatly enjoy being able to wear it in the states!


Good to see that some people believes what French speakers are saying when they talk about their own language... :P

...Et bonne St-Jean aux quelques québécois de Threadless :)

ndstillie profile pic Alumni

all the blow job talk is really ridiculous. The point of the very famous and quite iconic painting by Margritte was to emphasize that it was just paint on canvas, not a pipe. The shirt is a genius connection with the idea.


How is it ridiculous when it's obviously there?
A pipe is a blowjob and the plant has freaking sharp teeth, so obviously getting a blowjob from the plant is not very advisable, therefore this is not a pipe but the ante-pipe.
I'd like to wear it but I think I may be too old for that kind of humour.

little_g_design profile pic Alumni

For the record... I never intended for it to imply a bj in any way. But hey, people can and will interpret it how they want to ;-p

d3d profile pic Alumni

i want to interpret it as a bj now. i saw a guy in it the other day and got all excited and told him "my hot friend designed that!"
he was impressed.


zengerbil: haha, et j'avoue que j'ai reagi comme toi quand je l'ai vu la premiere fois.

I would not wear this T, too many meanings to it!

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