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First time for everything... GUESS THE SCORE!

Hey Threadies,

Guess the score NOW! Also, include a number between 1 and... let's say 100. No repeats.

Prize? I guess the usual: a $25 GC.
The number is an experiment - no details now but trust me, someone will appreciate it!

Thanks and good luck guessing!

Sorry for the late updates... moved into a new apartment today - been on my feet since 7 AM!

ratkiss - 2.77 :: 100
Notorius_BMV 2.74 :: 22
agrimony - 2.71 :: 71
Chengui - 2.68 :: 61
Stile - 2.51 :: 42

Watch this
briancook profile pic Alumni

2.68 and.....61


bump! gimme some numbers... : P


2.53 and 42.

agrimony profile pic Alumni
1 design submitted -

2.71 and 71?


3 more days to enter your guess! And happy 3rd of July! And BUMP! Exclamation mark!


2.3 and 36!


haha, thanks guys for participating!

The winner is Chengui! The extra number was a sort of blind raffle thing - if the shirt got printed, the xxth person to comment would get a free shirt.

Chengui's number was 61 but since there's only 6 commenters, 61 mod 6 = 1. So Notorius BMV will get a free shirt should this get printed.

: D

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