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  • by aishuny
  • posted Jul 01, 2010

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Touch me, in Blind writing!rnThe idear is that the points, the writing, are printed in embossed-printing, a material which puffs up!rnLets get touched!


We've tried with some color and in a diferent position. Perhaps we can use both of positions... On chest for men and on the botton for girls.

vote please!


I don't think enough people know braille to make this onto a shirt. (No offense). I think it needs some illustration indicating what it means.


haha I love this!!!! Even if people don't know how to read braille- they'll know it's braille. The fact that you have to touch it to read it means that people will know you are "inviting" them to touch it. Maybe place it higher on the shirt? It just looks a little far down now. Very clever!


Inneresting. It might be a little difficult to pull off though, as in, really meant for a vision-impaired person to touch. As an idea, however, I'm thinking this could be taken so much further into a concept T.

Let me explain, with just one word converted to Braille and printed on a t-shirt, it feels too much like a gimmick.

However, if you, say, pick a poem, or a verse of song, or heck, the entire song or the entire poem, significant to you or universally significant or even significant in meaning to the sense of touch (can't think of any right now but I'm sure there are), convert everything to Braille and have it belt printed with raised ink, then you'd have a cool conversational piece, concept T with actual meaning.

Just a thought, mine is a background from PR and so I was trained to overanalyse things. :P


We put a hand fingerprint with many "touch me" behind, to make it easier to understand.

Say what you think, now and vote it!


The blind writting will be made on puff ink!

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