open Heart Break thru

  • by aishuny
  • posted Jul 01, 2010

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The world is getting crazy, more and more violence, fear and distructiion...humanity wanting more and more of everything, and then....the big frustration.rn But there is somthing bigger then us,somthing which is between our arms... hahahahihihirnrnOpen your heart and break thru!


I love the man and woman silhouettes and the warp effect behind them. Personally I'd lose everything else, all the generic photoshop brushes at the bottom take away from the emotive nature of the illustration. Simplify this and it will be golden. Hope that helps.

Please crit me here


We are trying without the art-nouveau ornaments and on green.


I like your design. You should consider submitting it!

Please consider rating my designs with your feedback:Assassin and Old School


i totally prefer the blue art....maybe just exchange the wings between them...great design!

maybe you could check my design! i've got nes versions!


The blue one works better than the green because of the ornaments. Without, it looks like two faeries chest bumping each other after dunking a net. :)

Having said that, I'm not sure if black on blue is representative enough for art nouveau. Check this out

If you have the time, pleaserate + comment my latest submission and help make it happen if you like it! Thanks!!!


We-re trying go back to the blue, change the ornaments and make the fairies bigger and centralised.

Please vote!


Is this up for submission already? I can see how this is an improvement on the first one (great job on the patch in the middle, behind the faeries; I like the zoom movement to it) but I'm still wondering why we haven't experimented with some colour. This design still looks pretty flat to me. How about a white or gray drop shadow just offset under the ornaments? For emphasis and depth.

I like the idea, i really do but there's still something missing.


I think that this is an improvement from the last time I saw it, but I think the design in the corner needs to overlap underneath the fairies a little bit. Right now it looks like two different pictures.


I like this, I can go either way as far as adding white

i have a design that's up for scoring (Assassin), your score could help me a lot. I appreciate it!


Lets try with some color... please vote it!


I like the colors! I hate to keep telling you to improve it, but now I think the design in the corner could benefit from some of the same coloring of the design behind the fairies. It's looking good!


Now I think we've got something. Hope you like it. We will push to score.

Vote it!


Wow, very good! The curves have an amazing effect on freedom! Can you comment my picture too?


this is beautiful =) great job!

If you can please score my bunnies Bunny Sex and lemme know if you like it =)

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