Stop Twitting

  • by Jarc
  • posted Jun 30, 2010

Watch this

i was inspired by those people that hate twitter cuz they don't know how to use it. For them this humble design.


I like the concept. Not sure about the design though, something isn't quite right. I think it is the twitter birds position in white birds claws? It doesn't look right. But as I said, love the concept...


the concept is funny, the image not so funny, try to add to the image something more comical,

furious eyes to the white bird a tongue in the blue one...

just an idea...

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haha. this is funny. the white bird is an eagle, right? the position of the birds doesn't suit to be happening while they are flying. what if you put them on the ground with a forest background, maybe? loving the concept though.

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I like the way you've handled the clouds. They look real cool. Nice design.

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I like the idea, but the eagle really looks like a gigantic pigeon. I would rework the design to make it more dramatic maybe? Like maybe more violent for shock value but not overtly grotesque and disturbing. I love your cloud work though.


I really like the concept, you should try to see how it looks with less clouds :)

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Thank you guys for all your comments.


I hope u like the changes, as u guys recommended i change the way of the blue bird wings and angry eyes for the white one.


nice work. i can't add more to the design. i think its ready.

thanks for critiquing mine.


I like your design. You should submit it!

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thank you for your comments guys, so you think i should submit it already???


I would say SUBMIT!!! As well!!

Do take a look at this. It's the final day of voting.


love this design - looks amazing and i think its ready to submit

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When pigs fly


Last version. Did some little changes.


i remove it from the running, i will change twitting for tweeting


i remove it from the running, i will change twitting for tweeting

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