Woman Tree

  • by tifferlee
  • posted Jun 23, 2010

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This was a drawing I made based on a real tree. Not sure what to do about the leaves or the background. right now it's just a 3-color gradient. Leave your critiques. Thanks!


Brutally Awesome! I love tree designs and you seem very talented. If I were you I would submit this as is, but that's just IMHO.

Plase, please, please, you like trees? Would yo mind looking at my design and tell me what u think?

I'd appreciate it.


I think the idea is beautiful! Maybe add some more contrast or maybe darker shading in the trees might help and on the bark/lady add some textures that you would normally find on white bark trees? Or darken her up a bit so she kinda matches the branches?

Just some thoughts :)

Happy designing :)

If you ever have the time :) http://www.threadless.com/critique/70807/BoomTree


sweet! the body seems to smooth for the rest of the design though... adding texture seems like a good idea, or actually drawing her.

if you wanna, score and comment this!

brite light

this is really pretty however, and I may be a bit of a prude but on the pic showcasing the design on the girl in the tshirt, I'm not sure about the placement of the roots. I like the effect of the flower leaves over the shoulder.


Texture on the body. Still don't know what to do with background and leaves. Different placement.


nice flow in design...on the background...loose the bottom bkdg and fade out the top some.


You added some texture, nice! I also like that the roots on the bottom are to the side now. The only problem is that the thing I liked the most about version 1 was the branches over the shoulder (but that's just me, as you can probably tell I like wrap-around designs over the shoulder). I'm conflicted now, I like stuff from both...

but don't just listen to me.

Go with your gut! I'm new here and have never submitted anything, so I don't presume to know in which manner the outcome of the contests flows. Having said that, just looking at your design, my guess would be that you will get printed. If you don't, it may be a sign to me that the judging system here is bs. I don't think that's the case, however.


I LOVE what you did on the bark! Absolutely perfect!

What were you thinking as far as the leaves go? You could go kinda simple with it and just add a few among the branches. I wouldn't go overboard with it or it might take away from the design..

As far as the backround goes, I love the top part of the image... maybe as far as the ground goes go with a soft brownish/purple for it to blend into?

Good luck! Hope that helps some!

If you have the time http://www.threadless.com/critique/70807/BoomTree

mismonaut profile pic Alumni

I think everything is too soft, too monochrome, too blended. Black, grey, white, and pale pink can look AWESOME together when there's good definition. The colors you're using, though, are kind of washed out and blurred together—everything just looks grey.


Yeah, actually, when I look at the illustrator file they are more brilliant. For some reason when I export as the proper image type, it washes it out.


this is AMAZING!!!! i love it. i wouldnt change anything. thanks for commenting mine:)


definitely like the idea the concept and presentation it works


this is one seriously bendy woman tree! if i were to make any changes it would be to make the female form a tad bit more realistic in terms of contorsion (the buns and the breasts are both pointing toward us) - maybe taking a bit off the top of the line separating left/right legs, then that would do the trick)... but if that's not what you're going for then screw it - it's beautiful the way it is.

p.s.- thanks for the feedback - this is my first submission ever.


Thinking about losing the gradient altogether. Any thoughts on that?


it look really cool like u on your icon.


I agree that the gradient seems unnecessary. Also, your lines are so nice and clean on the branches and roots, while the trunk itself feels a little vague. Any way to sharpen that or punch it with some darker colors?

Really nice concept, BTW.


Don't mind the leaves, I haven't gotten around to them yet.

However, what color looks better on the leaves, and what do you think the shirt color should be?

I made the outline of the woman darker to match the branches more.


Why would you mark "Don't submit" and not leave a comment for improvement?


The anatomy needs some correction, and I'm not a fan of the shape of the leaves/bushes of them as they are now. A color that would go nice with Phathlo Green is either a pale blueberry color or some pale oranges/reds here's a reference close to your pose: http://www.thestranger.com/binary/f855/Film_Ballerina-500.jpg


I like the concept, but the leaves need some work. if you could make them look more realistic, and add apples or some other fruit that could go a long way

The Kitten King

I like the idea, and the placement is really good. I feel like the trunk is a little too smooth, like maybe it needs more bark.

Really great!


agree with the anatomy and i like better on pink.


i like v1 & v2 better than this version. the gradient background from the previous version will look great if you're using green colors for the leaves. just a thought.

thanks for your critique on mine. oh, what scary story did you read?? haha


I like v1 and v2 better, but this is what you have to change: the standing leg should look more like tree stem, because it looks weird like this- to be thiner on the bottom- it looks like it's gonna crack there. the other thing- NO ROOTS!!! just do some grass or something. Keep all branches in the same color- so viewer has to find the girl, because now is too obvious where is the girl. I like the white-ish color of the girl in v1 and v2 so you should color the rest of the lil branches in the same color as well. Also, try to make nicer transitions from the girls body to tiny branches. In that case, the girl will blend in nicely.

please, check mine:



ooh, no problem. please, let me know if you have any ideas how can I change mine, any suggestions...


Back to pink.

There's the real tree.

Leave comments. Thanks.


Amazing tree, love the design. I would consider adding a few more branches maybe. Perhaps the body shield be a bit darker to match the rest of the branches too? Just ideas, really like it though. Thanks for the crit on mine.

NGee profile pic Alumni

Very graceful image. Only thing I'd say is that the blossom is a bit too solid - try putting some gaps in to break it up.

I've revised my critique following your comment - let me know what you think if you have time, thanks.


oo i didn't realize it was actually a tree. what if you added in the "head" branch too me it kind of looks like the head awkwardly disappears aside from the head i think everything looks great


The trunk needs to interact more with its branches. I think to bring out the roots more would do it some good too, to balance out the bottom. Also, the skin for the trunk right now looks too much like a raddish. Maybe make some non-orthogonal dashes? I think a blotch-like affect would do it more justice. Keep it up!


i do not like the shadow (all the shadows) also, the leaves look too digital finally, you should show the branch coming out of her forehead like on the real tree i don't like the branch coming out from behind her left armpit it just look weird the bottom branch coming out of her knee is too skinny at one part this is so cool and has amazing potential :)

critique mine? ^-^ http://www.threadless.com/critique/68664/My_Avatar


This really is great work. I think the blossoms need some edits, I agree with what NGee suggested. Personally, I'd also make the blossoms a bit darker, as they seem to disappear depending on what part of the image you look at it. Amazing work so far :D


wow, this is really beautiful! however, the top branches aren't seeming to come out of the body, so you could work on that if it's not too much trouble. pink definitely works better, but i liked the grey/pink shading in the background of the first one.

if you want, check out my newest design: http://www.threadless.com/critique/70961/4_Seasons_Tree


It's hard to figure out what critiques to take in and which to disregard, you know?

Darker body, no shadow. Tried to thin out the branches. Let me know what tee you think it should go on.


Definitely the gray t-shirt (IMO) And GREAT job on turning a photo into your drawing! Yeah, definitely the gray shirt. Definitely.


i think the fourth version looks best


I think, picture is very good and nice. But I don't like the painting on the trunk of the tree. The flowers on the tree looks like flowers of (Japanese) cherry tree, but the trunk of the tree looks like a trunk of a birch (I mean that zebra markings).

Please, help me with my ideas:






this is very nice! i'd suggest shrinking it a lot, and lowering the sakura so it won't overlap the neck line

Please help me out and rate my design: Killer B


The difference between the trunk, flowers, and branches is a little jarring I think. They don't quite seem to fit together. But maybe that's just me. Solid idea, either way.


i like it, try to work on her body a little bit, the bottom part is to big i like the color u used on the frist one bit the dimension of the body are the one i dont see right. try to get it closer to the original picture.


Thanks. :) I'm working on that right now. I might just scrap the flowers altogether. I'm not sure what I can pull off.

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