peliCAN, a Gulf Coast relief tee

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  • posted Jun 14, 2010

As of this writing, there is still no end to be seen to the Gulf oil spill. And as we all watch the gallons of oil spilling into the water and onto land, we can't help but wonder what we can do to help. So a couple weeks ago, we decided to reach out to Threadless member Frederik Wepener of South Africa to work with our own Ross Zietz on a collaboration tee. The result is this design, peliCAN, which is intended to add a bit of hope to an otherwise devastating situation.

We're donating all proceeds from the sale of this tee to the Gulf Restoration Network, a 15 year old environmental non-profit organization committed to uniting and empowering people to protect and restore the natural resources of the Gulf Region for future generations. They're the only environmental organization working Gulf-wide, and since the first days of BP's oil drilling disaster, they've provided independent monitoring and advocacy focused on holding BP accountable and ensuring an effective and transparent response to the crisis. Take action, stay informed, and donate to these efforts here.

We know "PeliCAN" can only make a small dent in the aid that goes to the Gulf Coast area, but we also hope it will keep public focus on one of the biggest ecological disasters of our time, and inspire others to help too. The printing of this tee was generously donated by local friends Sharprint, who used a water-based ink to print "PeliCAN." Both Ross and Frederik have donated their standard designer payment to the cause as well.

Though Frederik lives down in South Africa, he says he still feels the impact of this event: "My grandparents lived in Nature's Valley, a small, unspoilt town on the coast of South Africa. Having spent my summers there as a boy, I can only imagine how I would feel if something similar struck the place I hold so dear."

Ross, a Baton Rouge native, says, "I spent many many days on or near the Gulf coast. It is very near and dear to my heart. Hearing the sadness in the voices from all my friends and family back home plus seeing all the depressing but very real images on the news and web, I just really wanted to do something about this nasty disaster."

A big thank you to everyone involved - it was truly a group effort!

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Buy this shirt when the sale is over!


You guys are just amazing.


the design is awesome but I don´t see what the pelican has under his feet. can somebody tell me??

mreisel profile pic Alumni

It looks like the pelican is pulling the states of the South affected by the spill out of the oil.


Another note y'all - the shirt will still be $10 after the sale is over. Little bucks, big difference.


it would be cool if every company (large or small) operated like you all do. very nice!


kahlean on Jun 14 '10 at 11:11am Another note y'all - the shirt will still be $10 after the sale is over. Little bucks, big difference.

thats awesome... great job TLess

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

yeah, 1 color on a white tee, smart move! Will help make a bigger difference.

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

awesome! fantastic collaboration and go, threadless!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

sooo awesome


great shirt great cause!


sadly i lost my job a couple weeks ago and can't buy this shirt...great design and even greater cause, so i am forwarding it along to literally EVERYONE i know...


oh yeah, i love how the pelican is flying out of the gulf coast...i just noticed that!! even BETTER design :P

mavericktiger profile pic Alumni

Wow! This is great... I sending this to everyone I know.

NomadSlim profile pic Alumni

igo2cairo on Jun 14 '10 at 2:49pm Great cause and a really awesome design, fantastic work guys!

Jeffrey Thomas III

What's this about $10? I see it listed as $18. Being the broke student that I am it would be much easier to donate the $10.


What's this about $10? I see it listed as $18. Being the broke student that I am it would be much easier to donate the $10.

I was just about to ask this too, but I don't have a problem donating more. However it would be easier at $10.

Jeffrey Thomas III

Huzzah! $10! Thanks Threadless, awesome shirt! Or awesome cause I should say.


Exactly how much goes to the charity… 100% of proceeds?

Does that mean 100% of NET proceeds, or is it some lesser percentage of the $10… and if so how much?


yay! awesome.

please threadless, print some more! I'm so scared that this will sell out before I get home!!! and I REALLY want to buy one :(

nintechno profile pic Alumni

I want to hug everyone at threadless.

Amazing work.


nintechno on Jun 14 '10 at 7:30pm I want to hug everyone at threadless.


i definitely bought this. :)


that's a great idea! I saw someone else did a design like this and said he'd donate the prizemoney if he/she (I can't remember who it was) won, but this is even better. Threadless is awesome.

xtiffany on Jun 14 '10 at 7:37pm nintechno on Jun 14 '10 at 7:30pm I want to hug everyone at threadless.


Just a question guys, are the tees AA, threadless, or "other"? I'm not sure which size chart to look at.

briancook profile pic Alumni

The tees are on the white fine jersey...fairly close to AA sizing I've found. Maybe listed as "other" not really sure.

Just ordered 2!!!


Awesome shirt. Bought one earlier. You guys are wonderful.

reags profile pic Alumni

fantastic work for a worthy cause that requires immediate attention!


Just bought it, I'm low on money, but I had to. Great cause, Threadless your badass. and Frederik too. lol


I was feeling really down because I couldn't really help, but now I can. Poor turtles and pelicans. :(

ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni



I finally got round to ordering this - had to order a guy's small though. But I don't mind, because I know that donating money to this cause is better than not donating any purely because it isn't in my size! Thanks Threadless!

saving nola

For more tees that go to helping our coast...please visit We have been contributing to the rebuilding of New Orleans and the coast since 2005. Our Save Our Coast tee is organic and printed with eco friendly inks. Great job Threadless...we need all the help we can get.


Brilliant design, guys! On the coasts of Spain about us we had a terrible incident also with oil. Really, a great job.


Thank you Threadless for printing this t-shirt! The Gulf Restoration Network is a fantastic organization and everyone buying this t-shirt should feel awesome to know the proceeds are going to this group. This oil spill is the worst environmental disaster and wearing this t-shirt around will remind everyone who sees it that we need strong national reforms for how we protect our oceans and allow people and companies to use our oceans for their benefit that won't be our loss. Thanks again and I hope you reprint this t-shirt quickly!!

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