Wheen I went downstairs to get my credit card...

  • by Krakaboom
  • posted Jun 10, 2010

... there were still two left in Guys S.

By the time I came back upstairs, there was one.

Just as I was about submit my order, it sold out in my size altogether.

A part of me is relieved, because after almost 400 tees, I really don't need another.

But DAMNIT!!!!!

Watch this
jess4002 profile pic Alumni

400 tees?!?!?! you need to take more gallery photos! :P


every other size is available, just shrink a medium

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

Jess: Gallery pics are such a chore to take and upload!

mgill52: Or I could just stuff myself with cake.


That's in my cart!

I'm lucky, though, because all the other girls like rainbows and butterflies.


Yeah, just eat! Problem solved

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