Cow Abduction

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It's a cute design, but the "aliens abducting cows" thing is a very common trope at this point.

You're playing the concept straight, and I think it's going to be really hard to do that and still appeal to the voters. Ideally, you'd have either a "twist" on the concept, or an exceptionally iconic art style.

So, yeah. It's pretty okay as far as "aliens abducting cows" tshirts go, but I don't you'll find a very big audience of people who are looking for that.

Just the same, good luck! I hope you keep submitting.

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Aaaaand that comment was meant to have line breaks. Sorry about that.


nice 1st sub, all the best :)


haha very good :)

devalentino n it!


this would be a cute kids shirt


lovely, there is not enough abductions these days

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