Dedicate this t-shirt to all Photographers

To celebrate the birth of this t-shirt, i share with you a lovely poem of Dean Thorpe.

The photographer

A normal person sees a storm, thinks help and runs away

A photographer sees that storm, and runs the other way

Off into the cold they go, the wind, the rain and more

To capture pics no matter what, of all the things they saw

Watching all the huge waves crashing, defiantly they stand

Looking out from beneath the pier, with camera in hand

Why do we do such stupid things, like photograph the snow

We can’t resist to get that pic, so off we always go

We see the world through rule of thirds, and many shades of grey

The search to get the perfect shot, continues every day

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Kim Mak
Kim Mak profile pic Alumni

Awesome work as always, congrats! I'm getting one :)


totally buying this!!


great! and the poem! I love it.

reags profile pic Alumni

Top work, bought the hoodie + I can't wait to wear this to work (I'm a photographer)!


aww . I hope it re-prints because i hate that i missed out on buying this awesome shirt


Wow. I didn't have Internet this weekend and logged on to grab this; what a bummer. I'm also a photographer. Sad.


I love it! I bought it!


I love iiiit :) but I'm so late, because all T-shirt sold :(( pitty... p.s. I'm photographer and thnk you for dadicate. I'll upload it to my facebook as default picture if you dont mind :)))


i just got it in the mail today! it's even better in person. haha i can't stop smiling about it (i will blame you tomorrow for sore cheek muscles). great work!


Simply adorable. I love the poem, too.


Dear designer, I have a dream to own one of your tee shirt.


clever. very meta

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