ROLF! mah Summertime Secret Santa

lovely package from Texas

awesome original art (funny monster face)
fossil blue leather wallet
fossil charm bracelet
fossil tin with limited edition M&Ms
(strawberry peanut butter and pretzel)
Threadless field notes book (i've been wanting one of these)
Munny painted by Rolf (so cute)

Thank you Rolf for the fun & goodies!

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bygrinstow profile pic Alumni

Cool package.

I kept trying to make the title something about Rolling On the Laughing Floor...

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

haha ok so I was really tired when I wrote on the post card, sorry if it doesn't make any sense. it was 5am ramblings, because I had to get the box together before I went to work.

soloyo profile pic Alumni



Wow, that is an awesome gift! I can't not smile at all the fossil stash you got, Rolf is cool like that :)


Strawberry m&m's!!??!!

Unreal pressies!

renfrue profile pic Alumni

thx again Rolf you are WAY generous and the postcard it sweet. I have to save it with the orig art since you signed ur name on it.

Mya Jamila

Whoa! Great job Rolf!


Good job Rolf, looks like some pretty cool stuff

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