• by beekup
  • posted Jun 03, 2010

Watch this

What do you think?


I'm not a big fan of bevels. This could actually look really cool if you took a more minimalistic approach. Just sort of flatten everything down and make it look like a vector almost. Also, that thing in the middle kinda looks like a Christian cross. Was that intended?

No Prob-llama The Chase


Thank you for your comment! The cross was not intended. Maybe I should change that. I'm going to wait for more comments and maybe try the minimalistic way.


Everyone's downing the bevel, and I agree, but don't forget to add in some highlights once it's in vector style.


Definitely like the minimalist idea. Was there any reasoning/structure behind the design of it? I'm not a fan of "i just made it up" designing. I'd try to base the structure off of something else or have some planning/reason/purpose to it. It looks like you maybe based it off the major human organs, but I really feel like it needs more development (not changes- but just development- take it further). GL!


it took me a while to realize what was going on, but that was probably just me (and the fact I didn't look at the title). You should maybe find a way to clarify things abit, it looks somewhat messy.. Keep on going with it tho :)

Musarter profile pic Alumni

I am not really understanding the concept; is it the inside of a robot or a disected stereo or....? Either way I might add some subtle wiring in the background and some Motherboard or Microchip elements.

My two cents, take it or leave it. Good luck.

Thanks for checking out my WIP.

Jack Lau

it's a little too computer-generated for my liking, if you know what i mean. but that's just me.

jerbing33 profile pic Alumni

cool concept, but needs work to pull it off. refining what you have and adding some details will help. the hard beveled edges are too distracting as is.

NGee profile pic Alumni

Definitely lose the hard edges.


Yeah lose the bevel. But I'm a little lost. What's the concept? Electrical heart? If so it needs to be clearer... OH it is yeah definitely could be done a a lot clearer. Try making the pieces less square?


More detail to the pipes imo. They look a little too hard edged. You could get really funky with it...did someone already suggest this? Also, what if the heart was an actual heart? Or had more resemblance of a heart? I dunno it's up to you mang. But it's interesting idea.


Make the organs look more like organs. :)


Lose the layer styles and you already have something better... Find another way to have the bevels, or find another way to make this interesting.. The idea is cool but you have to work a lot, and I mean a LOT on this.

Could you give me a hand?

Laura draws

I like it, great concept, but the colours are too gradient-y... makes it look kind of faux 3d. maybe you could give it more of an illustrated look, than an airbrushed look?

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