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This design uses only text to create an adventure through a city. It uses words you would find to describe cities and city life. I'm open to any suggestions.

Also, I used multiple colors and gradients in this design. Would this fly with threadless or would I have to cut the colors and no gradients?

Thanks, - Kevin


Thats really cool, I like the angle of the text too. I dunno if they let you use gradients..


Yeah I'm not too sure on their process or what they allow but Ill work on a version with no gradients and at max 8 colors just in case.

Thanks for the feedback though!

  • Kevin

Thanks for the feedback. I want to submit it but I'm afraid they will reject it on the basis of colors. I'll upload an 8 color version later.

Also, maybe this could work as a glow in the dark tshirt? I dont know how to set up this process though.

Thanks, - Kevin


By quickly looking at it, the words "adventure" come up to the eyes.

I think it would be better if we saw the buildings first, then the words written on it. So I would try not to use a too flashy color for the words.

Otherwise, interesting concept !


cool idea. if you could do it in glow in the dark that would be interesting to see.

I agree with dr. catellino "adventure" stands out more than the other words due to the bright colors used.

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The thing is that this looks like a simulated process print- so I think the placement can't happen because it's too big.

I think having the buildings straight up would be better. Have you thought about drawing your own type? Like making Adventure . . . well, adventurous and stuff?


Salamanderlich, do you think you could let me know on the requirments for that type of stuff reguarding coloring and special printing? I read somewhere that in simulated process I can put at many colors as I want but why would it not work here?

I think I need to rework the title too because its primarily about "ADVENTURE".

Also, tomorrow I will have a couple new versions up with some adjustments.

Thanks guys, - Kevin


really like it, it's remember me a short video cannot remeber the name


The gradients are great at making it seem more three-dimensional. The one red splash seems a bit random, in my opinion. If you want to include it, try repeating it. Odd numbers are best for repetition; three's the strongest. Other than that, great job!


I like the colors ^^ the gradient is just fine

Thanks for the comments in my desing, i did not use green for the apple because, the red and black is more darker XD, anyway, good luck, its ready ;)

Jack Lau

nice idea! maybe in terms of colours u cld be more specific such that the buildings appear to have shadows and highlights?


This is fantastic! I think what, Jack Lau said is right - but I think its actually fine like this! Submit it :)


This is fantastic! I think what, Jack Lau said is right - but I think its actually fine like this! Submit it :)


I don have anything critique. I say submit. It would also look good if on the shirt, the buildings were not as tilted, but I like both ways. Good luck, and thanks for your help.


I like very much the idea but it seems to me that there isn't background on the right. I'm not sure if you should change this, It's just a little strange.


Ok so I made a few changes. I changed the angle of the buildings but I feel they can be changed some more. Also I changed some colors and enhanced the contrast of the colors. I read that simulated process coloring works best on dark tshirts like black and contrast in colors on a big design.

What else do you guys think I should do? do you think I should add a decorative element to the top of it or maybe have the element go from the text to the top or do you think that's too much?

Thanks, - Kevin


Thank you for your comments. This is Cool!! maybe you could have a moon made of word on the top if you represent the city at night.....


I don't think you need any decorative elements, the buildings are already pretty busy. I love the 3-D thing you got going though!

Also, I would adjust their height a little more, just to add some variety. maybe make the middle one taller?

Love the concept - good luck!

If you have the time, could you help me out with my critique? Thanks! :)


I like the new angle but you might want to take the black background of the buildings out. The first version didn't have it I don't think. Or maybe it's just the way it looks on screen.


I like this concept, I feel like the buildings need to pop more, maybe a different shirt color, add in some clouds or something else to go along with it. Its a city needs more than just buildings. I like where you are going so far though. keep at it.


how many colors do you have. I think the most unique colors u can have is 8 not sure if this meets that or not. Really cool concept though. I think it would look cool with one or two colors as well. It does need something else, try the moon idea or add people on the bottom of the shirt.


Here it is with different angles and proportions on the buildings. Also I put it on a different colored shirt and I don't think it works as well. It also pops better on a darker shirt. I think black or dark gray would be best especially seeing as simulated process works best on dark shirts. I think V2 pops the best ill update it later with the new proportions. I might add something else in the background but honestly there is so much happening because of the text that its already busy. I understand that cities have more than just buildings but I cant add too much else without it looking cluttered.

Thanks again, - Kevin


I think this is my last update. I feel like I'm over working it and the original is losing its appeal. Anyway I moved the building closer together but I think its as if they are getting lost so I dont think ill keep that. Also I added a moon in there but I dont think it fits.

I think I'll take V2 and tweek it a bit and submit that. What do you guys think?

Thanks, -Kevin


Its cool. I agree with Saliddell though, changing the moon just a little bit would make it perfect. You could use text over a white circle or something similar to keep the feel of the shirt consistent. Its almost perfect! Great job.


Ok so this is probably going to be my last update. I'm not sold on either of my latest changes. I like the moon but then I think its too much. Also I don't know if I like the buildings that close to each other. What do you guys think?

Obviously I have way more than 8 colors so I'm going to use their specialty simulated process printing. I don't know much about this can anybody elaborate if this would work for me? I don't want to submit a design and it be rejected right away.

Thanks guys! - Kevin


I think you could tweak it a bit but otherwise it is ready to submit.


I think the moon needs to be a lot smaller- although I love the words instead of actual graphic! good change! Any reason the left building is in perspective but the other 2 are flat?


This is actually made from two real photos I took. The two left buildings are separated by a street while the right building was from a different photo I added in. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for the link about simulated process.

I'm still torn though on what I want to submit :( I will probably submit one tomorrow so please vote!! :)

Thanks again! - Kevin


i love the buildings and the design but i think the moon should be a little smaller too


I am liking the moon addition, I agree that it should be a little bit smaller, also try one thing and if you hate it no worries, it was just a thought. Make all the building text black and the moon text a glowy yellow and change the shirt color to dark gray and see how that looks. Just a thought. It keeps getting better.


Ok these are two new versions. The first one is the same as the one before with the moon, only difference is a smaller moon. The second one is a mixture of a suggestion that I got. I changed the text to all white. I'm not sure if I'm feeling it though. I might submit the version with the smaller moon. What do you guys think?

Thanks, - Kevin


Ok these are two new versions. The first one is the same as the one before with the moon, only difference is a smaller moon. The second one is a mixture of a suggestion that I got. I changed the text to all white. I'm not sure if I'm feeling it though. I might submit the version with the smaller moon. What do you guys think?

Thanks, - Kevin


white text is better than colorful plus it goes well with the idea of the moon, smaller moon seems better to me

only one thing i would think of: isn't the word 'moon' too literal? i would resign from it as it the only one not fitting (logically) all the others : )

hope it help : )


I think I like version 1 the best, I think out of the ones with the moon this is the best, but I don't like the moon at all.

I think the different colours of the words kind of represented the variety, clash of peoples/cutures of the city, which has kind of been lost in this dignified black and white one.

Personally I prefer the original, this must be doing your head in!


Haha you know what Limb, I have no idea which one I like anymore haha. I like my original and I kind of like the new placement of the buildings but I feel the words of the middle and right buildings are getting blurred together. I'm all over the place I don't know what to do haha.


Oh! I prefer this version, but I'm not sure about the moon. Maybe you should put it like the buildings or don't put it. Just try! ;)


Ok so I know I've said it before but I'm 99% sure this is the version I'm submitting. I like the black and white, but I feel it loses its meaning of the diversity and colorfulness of a city. Also, I put it on a true black shirt and I think the colors look much better and pop more. Especially if I'm using simulated process printing.

That being said, what do you guys think? Does the placement work?

Thanks for everything guys!

  • Kevin

OK so this is it guys! I'm only worried that it will be declined before I even get a chance. I read the decline PDF and it says designs made of only text can be declined....well mine is all text technically haha. Also I hope the placement works and I hope it can actually be printed. Wish me luck! I'm submitting!

Thanks again for all your help I will keep you guys updated on what happens!

Thanks! - Kevin


OK guys its submitted! It says its pending aproval it will take a week :(

Thanks again for the critiques and support! I'll post back if it gets approved and leave a link to vote so please do so!

Thanks, - Kevin

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