I slept sixteen hours today :B

Watch this

ah lucky.. I only got about 5 and a half. But tomorrow I will be sleeping lots :-)

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I slept 17 hours once, that's my high score. I win by an hour.


I think my record's like.. 15. But once I slept until 4 o'clock (when I actually fell asleep before sunrise). Haha my mom thought I died or something because she kept calling the house and I didn't wake up.


Oh, I get it now.


yeah, i was sick. but yeah, it was nice.


have you ever slept so long that when you wake up you arent sure whether it is am or pm?


ooh yeah, tons of times. it's scary...


On the other hand...ever pulled extreme all-nighters?

I stayed awake 42 hours once. And went insane.


The most Ive ever slept was 12 hours.
I usually sleep 4-7. Im not too big on sleep. I only need around 2 or so hours to feel completly refreshed.


I stayed up the night before Harry Potter came out until about 3AM, got up at seven, got the book at midnight and stayed up until 8AM reading. So... that's one full day, basically, plus soome :D


Leslee, I'm right behind ya. I think the most I stayed awake was 48 hours. It was exam week and I had two back to back. But the day after I just slept and slept and slept some more.


ah i cant remember how long ive ever stayed awake for but like a month ago i had to walk all night for relay for life (its a walk for cancer) and the next morning i had a soccer game. it was pure hell

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Off to bed! See you all in the morning.


I have no idea how many hours my high score is, but it's got to be up there, but I would be cheating because it's from jetlag. (you sleep something like a day.)

although my best friend was in a coma for like two weeks, from a cliff diving accident. (& he jokes around about it!) so i guess he has everyone beat.


oh, he definitely take the cake. but not for a good reason :(

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