Cardboard Epiphany!

  • by treihugir
  • posted May 30, 2010

Watch this

Hey guys! I'm not sure why but I couldn't submit this version with my other Critique without it screwing up so I just started a new critique... :/ Been awhile since my last update but here is the almost perfected product! :D Let me know what you guys think about colors/placement and also let me know if you think I should add some sound effects to the animation, or if you think its better without any sound. Oh and I was thinking about changing the title to “Cardboard Epiphany” :D I think that has a nice ring to it! :P Anyway thanks for the advice ahead of time! Can’t wait to hear what you guys think! :D


This is so cool!


Any comments are appreciated!!!


Any comments are appreciated!!!


Haha I love the starting animation. Your drawing style is so cute too. But I wish there were more cardboard people. :D

If you have time please help me score my design. Thank you!


Really good flash at the start, I also think there should be a couple of more people in the design. NEarly there to submitting tho, looking good!!!!! Ill be voting!

LAST DAY LEFT, please vote!


Nice design, I like it on the brown shirt most.


Nice. Looks ready to sub to me. I would not add sound, it will just distract from your design and annoy people.


I don't know what to say... just.. submit!!!! it's already perfect sound isn't necessary! and I also think that the design could be print on any type of tee-color...

check mine please


lovely ^^ and the colors are pretty

check mine please?

dominoPingu profile pic Alumni

cardboard epicfunny... love your choice of colors. its hard to choose a shirt color, but i think i kinda prefer the yellow one (just a fan of yellow shirts ^^) please don't use sound...i never saw a threadless shirt with sound i think...and maybe thats for a good reason. I'm also not sure if the intro is necessary...don't get me wrong - its cool and a nice idea...but there could be some people, which are just flicking trough the votings and skip your nice shirt, because it takes too long to show the real deal...just consider that but i wish you good luck on this - hit me when its up for voting :D

Comments on mine are more than welcome


Awesome Job! Looks great in the brown. Nice selection of colors also. SUBMIT!


Thanks for the compliments and avice everyone!!! :D

Lou Co Bow

Thanks for your comments on mine the colours are really nice, brown is best I think!


really cute! i like it on yellow! :)


Nice work. I especially like it on yellow. Don't know what else you could add. Submit.


deff submit! really cool and fun design!


Thanks for all the support everyone :) I am currently in the process of figuring out all the promotional stuff I wanna do, like facebook, youtube, and whatnot so i can get as many people to score it as possible. Sooo any ideas on how i could get the design attention would be greatly appreciated!!! :D


Any promotional ideas? :/


This is pretty SWEET!


I like the brown shirt more than the yellow one. Great stuff!!

By the way, I have a new version of my critique, if you wanna check it out :)

Thanks and good luck!


$weet indeed ;) i would go for the yellow shirt and submit ;) And u ask for promotioal ideas? any social media would work i think, the blogs here at Threadless, Deviantart, Facebook, Twitter etc. :)

Can i get you to drop a awesome comment at my submission, if u got a minute? "Browse 4 cookies" It needs your support ;)


okay, im in the final stages of making this ready to submit! :D I just have to get everything set up for promotional stuffs then I will submit it and leave the link here! Can't wait for you guys to score it! :D


ok I'm gonna go out and say it looks terrible on brown and yellow. I'd steer away from putting it on one of the colours in the design also.


Okay, then what would you suggest?


i. love. this.

if you wouldnt mind rating mine i would really appreciate it!!

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