Big Ben

Watch this

just a quick stitched together photoshop idea to show the basic premise before i start sketching.

what do you think?

based off a comment i heard on bbc radio 4.


i already have! yaaaay! (pssst you got a 4)

Zimo Art

the eye of sauron? awsome idea maybe the eye more yellow would stick out more and back ground dark (the t-shirt color)


good call! thanks for the encouragement and feel free to check out my other crit too


seeing how people liked the idea here's my first attempt.


--This is actually a pretty cool idea. It satirizes Britain's surveillance well.

The bottom edge of BigBen could be a little awkward on a tee. Maybe extend the lines outward and do a gradient of color. Otherwise there's a large clock tower extending from your belt-- ; )


think it might be worth including parliament in the sketch?

dominoPingu profile pic Alumni

hey there...nice idea... i think it could look cool if the tower would be longer and higher...try same placements on t-shirts to get a feel how it will look like on a real one..


hello, trying a bit of a photo montage here...see what you think.

thanks for comments so far really helpful!


It's kind of a cool idea but i think it would seem kind of weird on a tshirt. Especially the glow coming from the eye spanning onto the arms.


ok have already fallen out of love with the layout of this, im thinking ill reduce the size of the tower so the eyes maybe sits below the armpit/nipple level the eye is going to face left and i might include a flying nazgul just for fun.


what do you guys think of the colours here? i really like the black towers and colourful 'haze' around the eye. what do you think?


im starting to like this...what do you think?

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