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I want this,

  • by parabolic
  • posted Jul 17, 2006

but as a poster. I mean, I like it on a t-shirt, it's friggin' adorable regardless, but I'd rather have it up on my wall, greeting me every morning.


I know Threadless is a t-shirt company, but if they were ever in the future to expand, I'd be up for buying prints of some of these awesome designs. Then again, I guess that would require a 300 dpi or vector-only minimum for design submissions, which is a bit much to ask.

Watch this
andre p

I'd buy so many of these designs as posters so fast, this one included. But I probably enjoy posters more than the next person.


i live in the bible you think if i got this shirt it would offend a lot of people? (by "supporting" something about hell, the devil, etc.)


It only takes one loud-ass rooster to get the whole coop riled up, so I'd try my best not to wear it around them.

A r i e s

i'm sad that this shirt is sold out. i have a jack russel terrier named cerebus.

as for wearing it to church. i think i'd still do it. ppl would get a kick since my name is aries, and they know i had a doggie named cerebus.


me dos, I was reading Dantes Inferno and thinking about this shirt...DAMN IT!

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