What you looking at?

  • by Wheatie
  • posted May 26, 2010

Watch this

tying out colours :)


they are all just experiments with different colours so feel free to flick through and leave any advice or suggestions that u may have. hope u like them :P


v4 and v10 are my favorites. definitely need 2 clean up the chimp. and maybe change the font. make it look like it was painted on? and maybe for ethe placement possibly make it a little smaller if your doing the center placement? or do an offcenter placement at the bottom of the shirt? just some ideas. good start!

and my design is up for scoring! This is the last day! help me out if you have the last time. WOULD BE AWESOME!!


thx for tht btw ur shirt defiantly gets a 5 from me lol if it gets printed i might actually buy it lol. i was going for a spray paint effect but i will try painted effect when i get into college.


thanks man really appreciate it! i just got done w. my first year graphic design major. if ur using photoshop and u want a spraypaint effect. lookup some free brushes and put a layer below the monkey and use the spray brushes to go along the edges. and get that overspray like effect. or you could make it look like a stencil w. the same idea.
keep at it man


sweet idea thx! lol im still doing AS graphics lol never took art befor till this year so still learning all the time :)


Yeah, either change or lose the font. Maybe just put a question mark above his head, to show confusion rather than the text. Its just a thought. I like the layout though, and I do like the pop of color on the balloon compared to the muted rest of it.

Keep working on it though. You'll get it.

Would ya take to time to look at mine? Mines Up for Scoring!


haha same with me man. started photoshop when iwas 15 i hadnt taken an art class until my junior year of highschool. foundout i could draw my senior year haha. u got the ideas its just gotta work on executing it haha stick w. the spraypaint look. thats a good idea

and my design is up for scoring! only a few more hours left. help me out if you have the time! WOULD BE AWESOME!!!


haha. nice, i like ur design. i hope this gets printed.^^

if you have time please view and comment on my design tnx!



i will improve it try all of these ideas out and place them up when i get to college after my exam tomorrow cus i dont own photoshop at home atm :(

Diddy Dude

Surely as no one actually knows who banksy is you can get sewed.


Maybe Wheatie IS Banksy!!! Cool design, dude. Totally keep at it. I agree with my fellow critiquers that the text needs some work and/or removal (Threadless people hate text for some reason). I really like V10 for the lack of color around the bright baloon. I also like the negative space used as part of the monkey. This is a solid start for sure.

Just be glad you didn't have to do it in MS Paint like these Karate Mans.


This isn't different enough from Banksy's designs, even if it is a combo.: http://www.artofthestate.co.uk/photos/banksy_monkey_lie.jpg It's just too derivative. So he's holding a balloon (like his Vietnamese girl) AND? I really do not see how that is parodying his work. Frankly, he would be a difficult artist to parody b/c that is Banky's specialty.

SO to recap If you are going to use another artist as inspiration, really think about how your work is different. There are some excellent examples even on this site: E=MC Escher and the Magritte man. The difference b/n those works and this: there's still a footprint of the designer.

I was trying not too be snarky, tone is very difficult to show in writing. Good luck w/ you future endeavors.


didnt evern know about the balloon lol i just thought a balloon funny lol i was gonna do a ice cream but found to much colour was needed for a simple design. but thx for the advice i will redraw it and try to change the monkey.

Also about text!!! lol it originally had no text but then it was like boring and seemed like a block of colour (tht is where i saw banksys monkey with a board) so i thought of using a board as well with some text on it. but if they dont like text i find most of my designs would be, well plain or boring

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