[Illustration] Sleeping people and the work

Just a new Illustration same as usually 11 by 17 graphite pencils with photoshop coloring, hope you enjoy. :)

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jublin profile pic Alumni

really nice job with the colors. this is one of my favorites of yours for sure.

spacesick profile pic Alumni

love it, man.


really like your style! this one isn't bloody like the other, and it still looks great!


ha most of my work isn't bloody.


so i guess either people are not looking at this or it really sucks?

Lupencia profile pic Alumni

waaah it's so good, I specially love the way you do skin tones... what brushes do you use? did you do them yourself? amazing...


actually its just a regular photo shop brush, I think its one of the bristol tip'd and i have a tablet so that helps but i screw with a lot of the brush dynamics

asher27 profile pic Alumni

i never can figure out how people digitally colour things. whenever i do that they come out flat and not very exciting...

but this on the other hand... is much better.


nice... I don't often use photoshop for colouring like this... maybe I will give it a try sometime... I don't think I'm very good at it though.

Lupencia profile pic Alumni

ohhh... well they look really great :)

Gringz profile pic Alumni

you have a site with all your work?

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