The match

Its time for a friendly kick about, although I am not sure if it will end well.

8 colours on green

Watch this

lol so cute:)

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to be honest i dont understand what is going on i see the animals eat those foods and i thought like they might be racing but then i see a soccer ball and that throws me off so is it a soccer game? and are those waterbottles? i mean the style is priceless but the concept is a little shaky then again maybe i am just stupid


took some working out but it looks to me like the food is scared because the animals will eat it. could have been made more obvious by making the animals look hungrier, but it's still a fun design. killer expression on the carrot! 4

laurastead profile pic Alumni

at first i wondered why the giant batteries were there. but now i see they are water bottles. i like how only the carrot is concerned.


Very sweet, my favourite is the elephant

wullagaru profile pic Alumni



haha! nice!

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

rabbit and carrot are just perfect! Agree with some of the comments... but I think it´s not hard to get what's going on... maybe if they had something in a distinctive color to help us notice there are two different teams? Also, the bottles look like batteries, and I think you don't need them.

Anyway... I always enjoy your lovely style and what you do with colors!

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When I read "the match" for some reason I thought they were picking out their prom dates or something


Kookaberry on May 20 '10 When I read "the match" for some reason I thought they were picking out their prom dates or something

I thought the same thing, but the scene is just so adorable.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Your characters are so adorable!

Gabrielng profile pic Alumni

i like the way the carrot's done


AAwww... poor food characters. Even if they win they lose. =(


Oh.. I was gonna say... I wish the mouse was smaller than the rabbit.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

great and great colors! 5$

Jake Friedman

I like how you drew a self portrait of yourself, only that you are an armless, porous wedge of cheese. Quite clever, Aaron. 5$


Looks like a good game is going to take place : )

Zen Studio

aaron please tell us what's going on?? but still kewl...

mangobajito profile pic Alumni

really cute and cool design!!


so cute! love the crooked trunk of the elephant!


Cute Lindo


I think this is funny but still i don't get it either...


hahaha, I love the little cheese :D


I think size might help people "get it". If the peanut were smaller and the elephant were larger. So the 3 foods are tiny and the 3 animals loom over them.


seems to me like the animals were taking hits of nitrous (aka whip-its) and are just hallucinating

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