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Spill Your Heart Out

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I hope it is self explanatory. Thought I would try a fun spin on the phrase "spill your heart out". I'm not sure about the placement or if I need more clean up or any other welcomed suggestions. That's why I'm putting it up for critique. Thanks for any help!


Cleaned it up in Illustrator. I tried to make the cup top look more like a more common coffee cup. the spill part is a little thinner, hopefully lessening the "spade" look. I'm thinking about adding some shadow but wanted to get some feedback on where it's going so far. thanks.


Maybe just a plain white cup, like a cup and a saucer kind of cup. When I read your title, for whatever reason that is what i thought of, a white cup, and maybe saucer with the heart shaped spill. Just a thought though. It could simplify the drawing.

If you leave it this kind of cup, then I could work on the end of it, it is very circular, and since it is at an angle, it should be an ellipse. If nothing else, you can use illustrator to trace a picture of a disposable cup on its side.

I like it though, maybe just because i love coffee XD

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Definitly there's a perspective problem with the cup. I'd also drop the facial expression completely and just go with a "real looking" disposable cup. Also work on the perspective of the spill, and it looks like it folds down in the sharp end of the heart.

Please revisit mine please? Thanks!


yea thanks both of you. I knew there was a perspective problem, I'm just having trouble getting it right. I'll keep working on it, and maybe try the cup and saucer idea too.


changed the angle, hopefully helping the perspective problem, added more gradient and detail. I don't remember how much gradient we can use as a submission or if I went too far. let me know any other suggestions. thanks again for all the help.


Much better! Maybe it needs a little work on the paper cup. You probably should demonstrate that it is a cylinder, at the time being, it looks somewhat crushed. But a little more work and this should be done and submited. Good luck!


made it look more round, perfected some of the lines. I think I'm getting close to submitting it? let me know if you have any last suggestions? thank you!


the progression of your illustration is really impressive! I see everything since the first version. Actually, I think it is perfect to submit! Very, very good work!

Please rate & comment the love story of my Zebra Zebra


thanks . I will submit it soon. I love your zebra too. good luck in the final scoring.

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