I love them...especially really soft an' gooey, white and milk chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies from the cafe downstairs.


P.S. Hi. It's been a while.

Watch this

Cookies are my weakness. If they are there I can't resist them...ever!

something like this


I'm hard pressed to find a cookie I don't like. Vanilla wafers rule SO hard, and Vienna fingers, and these!

I also LOVE white choc. macadamia cookies...slightly undercooked so they're soft and chew.



homigosh that photo

Lishy McLishums

I can't wait till lunch... Two more soft gooey cookies coming my way :)

Lishy McLishums

Subway has some pretty decee

Lishy McLishums

The Cookie Monster is no more...he eats Veggies now...nom nom nom

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