Captain Loo

  • by J.R
  • posted May 03, 2010

Watch this

This Idea just came to me, while releiving myself at a reststop. Tell me what you think about it. What should I do about the background? What color shirt should it be on? Should I put a logo on his cape? What should the logo look like? Any other ideas? I appreciate all criticism, but please tell me what I can do to make it BETTER.


This mad me laugh!s

You should add some shadow and also have his hand up so hes doing no hands peeing!

I think yellow should be his main color but that might mess up the contrast between red and blue... just play around im sure you figure something out!

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Haha, yeah change his hands because it's hard to tell if they're on his hips or he's holding something, er, really wide... Maybe the Superman pose of one fist on the hip and the other fist extended in the air? Maybe not that, but you get the idea. =D And, yay! My sub just went up for scoring! When you get a chance, check it out =) When_Dairy_Goes_Bad


lol captain loo...funny:) i keep seeing people doing their line art with a painter program, photo shop etc... don't! it usually comes out not as well as it would if you drew this by hand! so my main crit here, you have a fantastic idea! draw this by hand!


Well I did draw it by hand, but I wanted to clean it up. Is it too clean? Should I have inked it by hand? And then do I color it with photoshop? Any step by step details would be extremely helpful.

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