Sexy Candy

  • by zozo
  • posted May 02, 2010

Watch this

This started as a random sketch and ended up as a sweet and sexy trip to my imagination.




I like your illustration, I just don't understand whats going on?


can you put this on a shirt? is it center-placed or corner? the idea is good but i dont see a candy?

why dont you try to make a typical candy-pattern (red-white-diagonal-stripes) in the design? ;-)

what you think about mine? honey bunny


Thanks a lot for the feedback guys. I will work on the improvements.


maybe a lil too cartoony . . . add another color of shine under the brightest and before the magenta thatd be cool I do think this is sweet though makes me think Stones and anything that makes me think stone is good


just perfect!


Cool graphic. It's a shame it doesn't say anything, I can see an A,E&S. This would be so sweet with something you need to focus on to read, a "hidden meaning". Also add another couple of shade colours to give the blobs more form. In saying that the high lights are work well. :)


This would make a cool girl shirt. Placed like top right on the shirt and I think it's good. Unless you wana spend time adding in a secret meaning like MaGoo said. Which would be cool, but it's your choice.

Check out mine. Bear City.


It looks really awsome! It just needs something to anchor it so it doesn't seem so random.

Can you spare a sec to look at my critique?


Thanks a lot for the feedback guys. I'm gonna work on it this week. As long as I've read, the lines are great, but they need more depth and a concept/text/something to make them less random.

I've already checked your works.


it's looking good, looking forward for V2...

check mine

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