Honey Bunny

Watch this

The rabbit is made by hand. I want to show, that a rabbit isn't cute everytime. The slogan is ambiguous. ;-)


ooooh, kinda reminds me of Donne Darko


haha. donne darko is great. :)


ooh add some claws for that "more evil" look :D

tomek kwiecien

Hmm I think that words needs more spacing. Please write what you think about my designs. cheers:)


lol! remind of that charecter from buffy the vampire slayer...the one who thought bunnies are evil:) this is nice... not sure about the grammer though Please help me out and rate mine:) Owl Commando


First Thought, Donnie Darko. Nice composition and love the style!


...when I say "the design is maybe too light" I want to say it can be more "evil". (sorry english is not my langage)


Hmm, I think it's good, great composition, but something is off. Maybe the text? Perhaps I'm missing the reference, but why does it say "Want you..." rather than "You want..."? And definitely add claws!!! I would love to have some help too, if you have a chance =) When_Dairy_Goes_Bad You_suck_You_blow


Very Nice, but I think you should try to amplify the danger -colour, or draw effects- The idea is really touchy !


Scary! Could definitley use some work.

Can you spare a sec to look at my critique?


the most of you said it should be more evil. ok, i did it. is it evil enough or do you like much more evil?

thanks for feedback


i think the bunny's body should have disheveled-looking fur to make it look more terrifying. :)


Hi, thanks for the comment on mine.

I'm sorry to say I don't understand the pun... For me if you say hunny bunny you're refering to the movie "Pulp Fiction", and that doesn't make sense at all. Artistic-wise, I join my fellow crits and say you shouldn't cut away the ears, and enlarge the design so all will be larger. You can drop the rightmost quarter of the design in order to do it.

Good luck!


was wondering, why is it place so high up of the tee. it may look nicer if placed at lower end of the tee showing the full bunny. but it may just be personal preference.

the head coming off seems quite of weird to me, maybe i dont understand the concept of your idea. maybe you can add some more detail to it, for example to the things coming off it's mouth and the hollow part below the neck, so people will be able to know what is it about.

btw, what happened to its left hand?

just my 2 cents worth of suggestion :)


Well the arm looks a little bit weird to me and I also think that you should give him a full set of ears, and the position on the tee, maybe a bit down. Thats my suggestion.

Nacho G

If you place the bunny at the bottom then you get rid if the sudden end of his body and you can finish the tips of the ears, I think it would look nicer, probably also would be nice to make the letters red like the eyes, no? by the way, thanks for your critique!... good luck!

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