American Apparel T's Rule

  • by Chester
  • posted Jul 11, 2006

I think that threadless should use American Apparel T-Shirts for all of their shirts. They're supremely comfy and they don't rub my nipple hairs the wrong way. Please, for the love of Pete, print all of your shirts on American Apparel!

That is all.

Watch this

the only thing I don't like is that they are way more expensive

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chester chest hair!


All my best fitting shirts were made in Mexico.

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you have my full support, mr. cocker! hahaha

.moto. profile pic Alumni

on second thoughts, you barely look like him...

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

ALL WE NEED IS 100% cotton. I DON't GIVE A DAMN if it's AA or not... gaawdddd!!!!

but this has been an on going issue and they just continue to print on 50/50 for the guys... and there are many other companies out there beside FOTL and AA. I mean, FOTL also makes 100% cooton, so why don't they use it?

hi-fi gods

"i'm fat and i don't like AA"

I second that.

sophie the ocelot

100% Cotton is more expensive than polyester blends, that's why.

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" uwearthatcamelhair on Jul 11 '06 at 3:23pm
the only thing I don't like is that they are way more expensive"

since when is $2 way more expensive....

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since they are printing them en mass...

$2 x 1000 t shirts = $2000

for that kind of scrill they could pay another designer

and we all know that threadless pays their designers quite handsomely, so if they wanna save a buck, they deserve it after paying out the designers every week

5 designs a week x $2000 a design = $10000 a week for designs (usually less because of slogan tees paying only $200)

but still, they are dropping some cash for designs. i would rather have a 50/50 shirt with a good design on it than a hundred cotton tees with lame logos and such on them

just my two cents there

$.02 x 1 comment = $.02


I try to buy all my printed shirts
on American Apparel.

Better quality.


you guys are also forgetting that the threadless select tees are more expensive not only because they're printed on aa t-shirts but beccause the prints are more colors : ]


Oh yeah, and American Apparel shirts are made in the US of A. Sweatshop free. That's another reason I like 'em. I just want everyone to get along.


The AA 50/50 shirts are super comfy. Probably the most comfortable I've worn. Especially the heather ones.

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