A documentary film I really recommend

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Naked Finnish men sit in the sauna and speak straight from their heart. In the warmth of rusty stoves these men cleanse themselves both physically and mentally.

The film travels through Finland and the camera joins men in many different saunas to let us hear touching stories about love, death, birth and friendship. In all of its simplicity camera records the landscapes, saunas and men in almost magical pictures. The presence of the characters and the depth of the emotion reaches the limit where it is almost intolerable for the viewer to watch. This film reveals the naked souls of these men exceptionally intimately and creates a poetic portrayal of Finnish men.</big>

Saw it yesterday! It was really really really beautiful. Real men talking and telling their life stories. It's stories about friendship and love, loss and death, really everyday, but so true and incredible. Some were hilarious and incredible, some really touching and unbelieveble.

I think even the less you know about Finland and Sauna-culture, the more you will get out of this film! If you get a chance to see it, See it!

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do they talk about sex too? the first thing i thought of when i saw the synopsis is how kind of disingenuous it would be if they talked about everything except fucking or gross stuff like shitting or puking from drinking too much or other raunchy stuff. i'm retarded though and like hearing about people who aren't afraid of 'looking bad'. i'm also so critical of documentaries now because of college -_-. what a shitty thing to say hahahaha. it's hard to not be critical though after having 5 months devoted to asking/answering 'what is a documentary'? gah

i'm going to watch this though because it does sound nice! and after watching the clip it does seem like they get into more hardcore stuff (were there allusions there to dying/killing or am i just spaced out today?) i just hope it is one of the type of docu's where people are not afraid of being totally honest and it's not just people talking about things that make them like great people (although that would be okay too i guess).


Ginette, there are no outrageous stories in the film as you suggest it. The movie is about the presumption that men do not talk about their feelings.

The idea came to the filmmakers when one of the directors had been depressed a while but didn't want to seek professional help. His wife said one day to him that he should go to a sauna, because he's always happier when he comes back from there.

The movie is about how the sauna is a place, where a man dares to share his feeling. Some of the stories the filmmakers had heard of, but some were found in the process of making, when someone voluntarily wanted to share his life story.

Some stories are rougher, but I don't feel that there was and is any reason to be all outrageous. The rougher stories have been a burden through life and it is not about how crazy stuff it has been, but more of how it has been to deal, and cope with it.

Did I answer your question?


what's "moobs" in finnish?


bump for something good!

Malcolm Man

kinda looks a little like they're pulling on the heart strings a bit too much...maybe a little too contrived, but I'd watch it


Well have a look!


this looks like something id go for
ive never seen naked men talking to each other so unselfconsciously...
in fact, i dont often see men so vulnerable


The movie is about how the sauna is a place, where a man dares to share his feeling. Some of the stories the filmmakers had heard of, but some were found in the process of making, when someone voluntarily wanted to share his life story.

apparently (its a scientifically-proven fact) men die sooner than women because of stress-induced elevated cortisol levels women instinctively use interpersonal relationships to lower by talking to each other constantly, about every niggling thing.
saunas forever.


in short, women live longer than men cause they release stress by sharing their feelings with each other.


I think you're on to something here! And I think you pretty much got what the movies is about :)

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