flakes and $10 tees.

It's true. I'm that friend that sometimes flakes out on plans. I'm sorry...it's not intentional.

Not on big plans or anything like that. And not on super duper important plans. You can count on me for the really important stuff. It's the nights of drinking "plans" I usually fail on.

I think I've made this blog before..I don't care...I'm just mad at myself for being a flat-liner. I think it's partly because I know that if someone's with a big group of people it's not like their whole night is going to be shit without me there...ya know?!

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okay i don't know what that was about, but it was my way of being computer geeky to start the fun part

What shirts did you buy???????
I hadn't bought any since christmas so I kinda went on a binge...
my purchases:

You're Gonna Need a Bigger Shirt


Mister Mittens' Big Adventure
It's a Hard Life

Space and Time

Quit Howling at Me

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
We've Got Some Work To Do Now

Peace and Hate. Can You Tell The Difference?

Mr. Roboto Goes Sightseeing

it just dawned on me there's probably already like 57 what shirts did you buy blogs...but that was just my way of trying to halfway make this blog not crybabyish

Watch this

(1) Mr. Roboto Goes Sightseeing - Small White Guys Tee - $10.00
(1) I Only Surf on Comets - Small Silver Guys Tee - $10.00
(1) It's Such a Boring City - Medium Creme Guys Tee - $10.00
(1) Eye See You - Small Olive Guys Tee - $10.00

I missed out on a lot that I wanted. :(



we are mr. roboto twins.

I came THIS CLOSE (you can't see me but i'm making that hand sign that indicates a short distance with my thumb and index finger) to buying almighty's but then i thought i'd offend someone with the indication of the hotdog dick on the fat man and the whole blasphemyish thing


kashlen on Mar 19 '10 at 11:32pm

we are mr. roboto triplets.

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

Hy Krry


I mean, there are a lot of times i go, but sometimes I just don't feel like doing all that stuff...I want to chill like broccoli, etc.

hi ryane


i loved the sad moon face one. Space and Time is one of my faves. I'm super excited about it.

Also, I want the A/V hoodie...but i figured that'd make my purchases way too much more purchasey.

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

(1) Peace - Medium Blue Jean Guys Tee - $10.00
(1) Flow of Wisdom - Medium Brown Guys Tee - $10.00
(1) LightSaver - Medium Asphalt Guys Tee - $10.00
(1) Power to the Mushroom - Medium Brown Guys Tee - $10.00

Same here, Wes. And how the heck did I miss Almighty's!? I have never seen it until right now.


jay! buy almighty's so i can live through you.

flow of wisdom is great, too.


I wanted Excavation so badly. :(


stop animal testing and the hills are alive...I just wish they weren't on white shirts...grr

f5 can be so refreshing
flying dog in outer space
boom box
lose your mind
invention of colour
what did i ever do to you
twenty if by giant robot
the bull and the bee
say hello to my little friends

a/v hoodie

all of those were in and out of my cart but for various reasons I had to (with a sad face) put them off until another purchase binge.


I Only Surf on Comets
Eyes of the Tiger
Mr. Mittens' Big Adventure

and outline liz bought Pet sounds for me, 'cause she's super freaking awesome!


outliz is pretty much awesome

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