Why aren't politicians witty anymore?

So, I finally bought my first threadless tee, the biblical disaster, since it cracked me up forever, and right as I'm ordering it online, my friend told me this hilarious quote by Winston Churchill. Apparently Churchill was at this summit meeting with loads of other political figures, and this lady told him: "I can't agree with your policies because you are drunk!" and without pause, Churchill fires back: "I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly." Seriously, what political leaders talk like that anymore? So, this post goes out to Winston. :)

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I like your illustrations


Because they're not allowed to speak for themselves. Their writers may be witty, however.


I love your profile pic.


& how your website has your portfolio on a shelf....that is awesome

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That's probably it. I think why I dug churchill's comment was because it was on the spot, honest, and freaking clever as hell. I think people must be too afraid that they'll offend, and forget that leaders who were honest and candid like Churchill had insane public support behind them due to their good leadership, and also because they were unafraid of being silly.


is that true? he really said that? lol!


Didn't he something about looking like all babies? Because really, look at any given infant and they almost always look like Churchill.


^say something

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not too sure about the babies quote "alacyt," but you're totally right, he did look a bit babyish. I think that was cool as well, that he was an ugly guy, and it didn't really matter to the people. :)


That's like I think when Nixon had a political debate with J.F.K. they did polls on people who listened to it on the radio and people who watched it on t.v. Nixon did better with the people on the radio and J.F.K. did better with people who watched t.v. ... It truly scares me that people can base political descions on appearances. (not saying that nixon should have won over kennedy just that it frightens me that people will make important descions based off a presented image)


i love that quote!

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how do you know sleepy, that it wasn't just because nixon has a nice voice and tv viewers are smarter?

I'm just kidding though...


Dick Cheney says stuff like that all the time to people, except he drops the F-Bomb in there a lot more often. What I miss are the statesmen, not the politicians we have now. Statesmen are the ones who think about the country first and do for future generations with every action. They may not always be popular, but they try to do the right thing. Lately there's been an alarming trend of morons, and zealots in politics.


Paul Keating, the man that brought the term "Scumbag" into aussie politics (PM of Australia until 1993 - then Howard got in... sigh):

Talking about John Howard (sadly our current PM):
"What we have got is a dead carcass, swinging in the breeze, but nobody will cut it down to replace him."
"He is the greatest job and investment destroyer since the bubonic plague."
About the former leader of the opposition, John Hewson:
"I was implying that the Honorable Member for Wentworth was like a lizard on a rock - alive, but looking dead."
"I'd put him in the same class as the rest of them: mediocrity. "
"(His performance) is like being flogged with a warm lettuce. "
About Former opposition leader Andrew Peacock:
"We're not interested in the views of painted, perfumed gigolos."
About Former Nats Leader Ian Sinclair:
What we have as a leader of the National Party is a political carcass with a coat and tie on."
i want to do you slowly
Describing current PM as a descicated coconut (set to music):
set to music

A bit more heavy on the content, but still good to watch:
Best line: you say you believe in families, but you dont believe in family support


oops 1996

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