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Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid… wild west outlaw and little-known actual Goat-boy.

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Billy the Kid… wild west outlaw and little-known actual Goat-boy.


Haha! Fun concept and great design!

A couple things that stood out to me...

I feel like he needs to be just a little more goat-like. Not to the point where it's a goat wearing a cowboy costume, but enough to where the joke comes across more clearly. For example, something about the texture of his horns is throwing me off... they don't quite feel like goat horns. Maybe it's because they're the same color as the gun, or just the fact that they're treated almost the same as the leather vest and glove....

Also, his thumb seems short almost like it's a nub. I see that it's foreshortened and resting on the cock of the gun, but I think because the end of the thumb and the cock are tangent to each other (and their contours line up almost perfectly) it's getting flattened out and losing that depth.

Other than that I love this! The colors are great, I like the little goat pin on his vest. Hope this helps. Good luck!


I really like your style. I also agree with Jeeperjenius on the horns and thumb, his other arm, chest and vest seem a bit squared off and they don't seem to have as much movement or life as the arm holding the gun. I think the concept is awesome and you are really talented. work on it a little but its pretty close for submission in my opinion.


More of a goat face with more importantly GOAT EYES! Seriously, you missed the goat eyes? c'mon!!!


DuggyLimes, I tried goat eyes (freaky!) but hard to "read" with the squint. I'll give it another go… I want to keep the gunslinger squint. :)

I didn't want to make him TOO goaty, I kinda wanted a slight resemblance to the photo of him on wikipedia (I know, it's not immediately recognisable).

I will look at the goat horn texturing, I agree it's not where it needs to be. I will also rework the thumb, I see what you're saying there JeeperJenius.

Thanks Phauxe, I'll see about balancing it out… I want more focus on the gun, and I'm not sure what the other arm might do… maybe a lasso/rope slung on the shoulder (for the horse thievin'?).


I dont think his horns should be looks wrong....but love everything else..:)


and smoke from the gun!!


Billy the Kid… wild west outlaw and little-known actual Goat-boy.


Progress… gotta work on the gun and the bandana.

Would love more great constructive feedback!


I really like where this is going..the only thing that kinda bugs me is the blue horns..i like the stripes(although on a goat's horn they are more like lines, ) but the blue looks strange. Love the texture on the jacket and hat. and the little details like the fur on his ears and nose.what colour of shirt will it be on??


I like the gun. I dont know that I would change anything about it. The bandanna does need a little work, but I am not sure what it needs exactly. Maybe its to be a little less of it on "billy's" right shoulder. I think that makes it look a little odd.

Other than that, I really do like it. It is a very cool idea.

Some Feedback here would be nice Extra Extra


Nice work, Eric. I don't think you need to change anything with the gun, but there's something about the way the bandanna hangs; Maybe it needs to look more convex, especially the lower half.


this is a sick illustration. has a lot of style that you dont normally see or that ive seen anyway haha not sure about the drool allover his lips haha and the bandana hangs kind of funny. great illustration.

and my design is up for scoring! This is the last day! help me out if you have the last time. WOULD BE AWESOME!!


Billy the Kid… wild west outlaw and little-known actual Goat-boy.


lol nice, the smoke and faded cacti were a nice touch


mannnn nice touch ups the smoke and cacti were definitely necessary. not much else i can say about this other than what i said before. awesome color choice too.

and my design is up for scoring! only a few more hours left. help me out if you have the time! WOULD BE AWESOME!!!


@Alaabahattab specifics? :)


The horns could be brighter to stand out more. The dark stripes are good like @HorsefaceDee said on version2.

Otherwise it's a submit, I'd like to buy this. :)

There's a new version of: Mixed Stereotypes and Gale And Thunder :)

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