Spinal Chord

show off your spinal CHORD! back tshirt print only.

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show off your spinal CHORD! back tshirt print only.

Micca Coad

wow! that's pretty cool!! but i'm not so crazy about the empty front! still very creative!

a wild thing
a wild thing profile pic Alumni

this is very clever! agreed that the front could use something though.

Megan M. McDonald

Awesome! I especially like that it's a Les Paul. I would buy this in a heartbeat!


love this


I like it. I think it would be cool if it was a full skeletal structure with instruments like drumsticks or something for ribs. I dont know. I like it how it is though the empty front isn't my favorite


To address the empty front..I wanted this to, in a way, be a surprise shirt..looks like a plain regular t, then a big surprise on the back..plus, I didn't want to overdo the design, being a big fan of simplicity. I also wanted to take a risk..I haven't seen a back print only t yet, so I was curious how it would be received/wanted to try something new. Thanks for all the comments! hope that all makes sense..

BOTERIO profile pic Alumni

love it! 4!!



soloyo profile pic Alumni

couple of musicl notes in the front would have been nice.
maybe resub later witha small design in the front.


5$ i dont quite know how to play that cord...

Soffronia profile pic Alumni

Cool idea!


love the idea!


I like this so much!!


Really well done!!!


I agree with the surprise tee concept, but just a little sign of connection on the front would be nice...Cool idea in any case...


very clever design!!! =D i'd give it a 5!! definitely! =D


brilliant! print!


neat idea! maybe the front could of continued the guitar and could intertwine the body parts that would be around the stomach area? does that make sense? haha i can picture it in my head but i don't think i'm explaining it well.

oh and thanks for the comment!!! i really appreciate it! yea 'ends' is kinda hard to make out but i like it cause it makes you think whats the middle work? making _? meat haha


i love it!!! :-) so clever, would definitely buy!


Love the shirt. It's good to see people think outside the box and not just plaster something on the front, as big as they can. $5!!

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