This is my school's mascot

Watch this
victor batres

Its cool just add color and it's good.


hurrah for tigers! :D
I do like it, but I would like to see some colour added. Either that, or vary the lines in thickness (like a paintbrush or calligraphy pen would), to give it more feeling.

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victor batres

Is it your school's mascot?...
Damn big improvement it looks way better than before and the colors you chose are nice..
look at mine
look at muahs


You should have some sort of fading effect at the bottom. Either that or finish out the paw. As it is, it seems kinda half finished. Otherwise a really great design. I wouldn't put it on blue though, simply due to the eye color unless you want to do alternate eye colors.


Try to give its emphasis with a plot for shades


Not sure what you used to draw this but the teeth look a bit wonky (like there's a square cutting into them)

I also agree the bottom of this picture either needs to be finished or faded out...

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the tiger looks tight

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