This is half of a design I'm working on, and I need some feedback. Do I need to put in her other arm, or is she fine as she is? (in my original sketch, the other arm is crooked at the elbow and positioned at waist height). Does this style work? I don't really have much experience with cartoony stuff.


Here's the sketch:

She's pulling a wagon, but I didn't draw it.

Watch this
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Original sketch added.


It's a great visual style, but there's something unbalanced about her posture. Adding the other arm would even her out nicely.


It looks way better with the arm. Less like she's dancing, more carefree.


a nice start.

the other hand would probably be a nice situation, but it's probably not necessary.

try extending from her leg from the knee down by somewhere between 25-50% to better match the elongated style you are working with for her upperbody. as it is, the proportions are a little shorter than natural, and you want them longer if anything. i did a quick test in photoshop and it definitely added more grace and balance to the figure.

good luck.


I think the other arm should be showing, it looks much more natural.

Ava Adore

definately show the other arm. it looks much better


I'm curious to know what she's carrying in the wagon...


i agree with the "add the other arm" comments. it's more natural looking and adds movement, in my opinion.

i really like the design you've got so far! i'm interested to see how this turns out.


typically, when you're balancing most of your weight on one foot, your foot is going to be positioned directly underneath the base of your head somewhere

so that forward foot? move it back a bit. that should help te balance.

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