sold about 4 prints today, $60 raised : )

help haiti buy buying my digital prints-- only 15$, includes shipping too!

(scroll down to see my work at the bottom)

my prints will be up until feb. 28th, so help while you can.

thanks, guys : )


Watch this

Just bought If The Moon Were A Cookie.

Pretty much the coolest thing ever. Any art that involves a zebra sticking out its tongue is tops in my book.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

help heidi help haiti :-D


Oh man, I love Desolate Void and Tarkin.

Edamame Obake

Its by my friend, Lee Bretschneider
he be a cool nerd : )

Edamame Obake

i like that new slogan, tracerbullet!


US only :(

any chance I could pay extra for desolate void and get it shipped to the UK?

Edamame Obake

he handles shipping his email is:

Edamame Obake

sold about 4 prints today, $60 raised : )

Edamame Obake

i want to add more prints, which ones do you think i should add?

Edamame Obake

maybe...but we're mostly trying to stick to illos cuz they fit 11x17

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