One second...

sold about 4 prints today, $60 raised : )

help haiti buy buying my digital prints-- only 15$, includes shipping too!

(scroll down to see my work at the bottom)

my prints will be up until feb. 28th, so help while you can.

thanks, guys : )


Watch this

Just bought If The Moon Were A Cookie.

Pretty much the coolest thing ever. Any art that involves a zebra sticking out its tongue is tops in my book.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

help heidi help haiti :-D


Oh man, I love Desolate Void and Tarkin.

Edamame Obake

Its by my friend, Lee Bretschneider
he be a cool nerd : )

Edamame Obake

i like that new slogan, tracerbullet!


US only :(

any chance I could pay extra for desolate void and get it shipped to the UK?

Edamame Obake

he handles shipping his email is:

Edamame Obake

sold about 4 prints today, $60 raised : )

Edamame Obake

i want to add more prints, which ones do you think i should add?

mike bautista
mike bautista profile pic Alumni

Ummm. Does work on your site also count?

Edamame Obake

maybe...but we're mostly trying to stick to illos cuz they fit 11x17

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