Battle of the Ironclads II

  • by robbielee
  • posted Dec 16, 2009

Sweet! This design looks great on the models- nice work Threadless!

Here's the background on this shirt:

The American Civil War battle of the Merrimack vs. the Monitor was the first battle in the world between two armored ships, and as a kid I thought it was so cool that these two indestructible ships were pounding away at each other for hours, but neither one could even make a dent.

In this design, the two rivals must put aside their differences in the face of an even greater danger. It's kind of like Godzilla and King Kong teaming up to fight off a comet...

This is part 2 of a trilogy of American history designs featuring "what if?" scenarios with giant robots. the first one was Twenty if by Giant Robot.

Thanks and excelsior!


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awesome! congrats, robbie! :D


Congrats, Robbie! :D



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Awesome! I hope they make it a trifecta with your sweet John Henry design. Congrats!


oh yeah! I've been waiting for this one! Congrats, Robbie!


Rockstar!!! When John Henry prints, it'll be an incredible combo! You totally deserve this attention. I can't wait til they come to you for a kick ass select ;)


As a history geek, I'm loving these alternative history by way of giant robot shirts. "20 if by Giant Robot" is one of my favorites in my wardrobe, and I'll have to add this one as well.


fantastic! congrats!


I'm in the Navy, and the ironclad battle was between the USS Monitor and the CSS Virgnia. But I did google it and found both names being paired up with the Monitor.

Either way, congrats. Good to see naval history on threadless haha


Congrats on the print, Robbie! This sepia-styled print is absolutely Amazing!!


great shirt and great story


Looks great! I wish they would reprint "20 if by giant robot" though :(


I got the last 3xl. they need to reprint the first. in honor of the Boston tea party back on the 16th.


I just went to the Mariner's Museum in Newport News yesterday and saw the Monitor's turret (which is being restored in this ridiculously huge 90,000 gallon vat) so this shirt is SO awesome. Congrats and great job depicting the Monitor and the Virginia (err, the Merrimack). :D

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