Girly xl for sale! 10 bucks!

I made a post a while ago about selling this shirt, and then shortly after lost my internet and didn't even get on this thing for forever. But I still have this shirt, and it's in decent condition, and I'm looking to part with it to buy a smaller size. Soooo lemme know! Money order I guess. I've never done this before. 10 bucks includes shipping too. Hope it finds a home!

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Hey do you still have this shirt?


hello! are you still selling this? i'd be happy to buy.


Yes i do! Man everytime i make this post, i freaking forget about checking on it! I have like 10 shirts i'm willing to get rid of. Would you be interesting in like three for 20 bucks or anything? I'll have to look at 'em and figure out what i've got. Mister Mittens' Big Adventure (girly L), Animals with Eyepatches! Yes! (girly xl), Work (girly xl), Wanted (girly xl), a dog's instinct (girly xl), Family (girly xl), the communist party (girly xl), bedtime stories (girly xl), the future in the past (girly xl), keeping up with the boneses (girly xl), fake pandas have more fun (girly xl), Le Romantique (girly xl) I think that's it. I'm not not an xl anymore! around the boobs i kinda am lmao, but it's just baggy on my tummy and doesn't look nice. lol. Anyways! If you are interested, lemme know! If you want al of them, we could do like 80 bucks, which i think is a steal... esspecially that Le Romantique. it was 20 :'(. Sad face! but anyways, thank you so much! I've just put so much money into them and kind of want something back ya know. :D


Hello :) just wondering what sort of condition are they all in/ how long you've had them for? I would maybe be interested in a few of them, but only if they are in good there any possibility of getting some photos emailed to me or anything?

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