• by Bonneroo
  • posted Dec 07, 2009


Critique the egss, Threadless!

Also, any ideas for the title?

Watch this

Critique the egss, Threadless!

Also, any ideas for the title?


Fun idea. Good artwork.
I have no ideas for improvement, exept maybe a change of background colour to bring out the design more.

Thanks for your comment on my crit.
Would you check my submission as well?


i agree about changing background color. Design is nice.

Maybe add some sizzle marks on the egg thats already frying.


Fixed some minor things. Made the tongue yellow so there was one less color.

And, I liked it on yellow better than anything else I tried, so it stays yellow for now.


Love it!
I think the shirt color could change to bring out the design a bit, though I can see where you're coming from with the yellow. I like its simplicity, but is it too small on the shirt?
If for some reason you were going to add another element, maybe an open 1/2 dz. egg container with a cutaway of an egg 'sleeping' inside? Or a stick of butter and a knife? Who doesn't like butter?

It's our first time on Threadless please comment!


ah! reminds me of those anti drug commericals from the '90s — love it! i agree on the color palette :)

if you have a second could you review my first two entries? i would love to have your opinion!
it's a hit & girls, girls, girls


this is your brain on drugs.


Added the picture with Brianne.
How does everyone like it?
I'm so close.


I LOVE THIS!!! I'm not sure if I'd wear yellow, but I might just for the image!! Great work :D


lol i love it :) I'd buy it for sure, you could make his eyebrows look more surprised maybe? Just a thought, but I love it none the less :)

killer caboose

haha this is pretty cute :) i like the design. i am pretty sure yellow isnt my style since i am a guy though...

take a look at my new design please :)

Hide and seek

MR Productions

This is great!
I think you should experiment with the angle of the pan's handle, maybe make it look farther away (perspective-wise)..

But if this is the best option for its positioning I'd say go with it!!

Help me make mine better too!
Throw a critique my way.
Clack-Clack is my latest design!

Ars Fera

Thanks for the comment!
Ahahahahah! This is pretty sweet :D I hate to leave comments that don't have anything to help improve the design, but this is one of them! Awesome job lol!


The white coloured eggshell is blending in a bit with the yellow background. Adding some outline or shade could solve this. (If you don't want to change shirt colour, that is)

Check my critique if you like.


Any title ideas?
So far my ideas were:
Over Easy
Sunny Side Up

MR Productions

Death by sizzle..
sizzle sizzle, burn..

..Also, Version 4 of my critique Clack-Clack is up!!
This is really getting close to where it should be,
but I still need your help!
Throw a critique my way.


nice idea!! I like it

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