[wip] The Early Bird Catches The Worm

i've been feeling uncreative lately and decided to just sit my butt down and doodle in illustrator. this was what i ended up with.

i need some feedback... i feel like it's missing stuff. should i add text? should i add a background?


Watch this


but the early worm gets eaten :-(

pilihp profile pic Alumni

yup... that why you should alway be late :) bad things happen when you try to be on time.

montmont profile pic Alumni

perhaps move the worm closer to the hole, and the bird, put that on more of an angle towards the hole, just a bit, or adjust the eye so it looks like it is looking down

otherwise, cute factor is maximised

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

that is actually wuite funny.. just because ive never seen a worm wearing a hat and tie and he just seems so damn excited to go off to work


oh man, thats great as it is! poor worm is all happy going to work...

pilihp profile pic Alumni

montmont i'll try tilting the bird down. thanks :)

nate it's a cruel cruel world out there :(


A little more color. Make the worm green and maybe an item or 2 in the hole yellow. Then it would be $5.


i feel like i want to see some texture of any kind really
with the dirt, or with the bird maybe? or maybe the background?...something interesting should happen around the bird..

well thats my opinion

mahalov profile pic Alumni

haha this is amazing
i'de buy it in a second if printed


i think i cant relate to it because i dont see any expresion of anticipation on the poor ol worm

he could be peeking, or about to come out, or maybe the bird is waiting with a huge sneeky smile...i dunno

pilihp profile pic Alumni

the worm isn't expecting to be eaten... he's happy and oblivious to the world outside.


yea, i messed that up, i meant the bird
like hes waiting there, he cant wait to eat !


Awww so cute. I think the bird needs a red bandana. Dunno why...Just seems...right.

montmont profile pic Alumni

hmm, I dont think it needs the text at all

if you want to get the message across more, maybe give the bird a watch on one of its wings, so its looking at the time?

Looks better with that slight tilt and the textures are nice.

pilihp profile pic Alumni

yah, i'm usually not a fan of text on shirts... i just threw it on there for right now because i feel like it needs a background. i'll take a look at it again tomorrow with fresh eyes.


It works. I would have made the worm green, but this works as well.


Aw. Lol. Thats really cute!


I agree with Sinople, try the worm in green.


Hmmmm there's something about that worm that's grating with me.
Maybe it's that I like the bird just with eyes.
Perhaps I would prefer Mr Worm without a mouth.
But otherwise, it's snazz.

pilihp profile pic Alumni

i'll try the green, it might look like a slug though.

should i keep the text? i'm still trying to think of something for the background.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

I think you could do without the text

jublin profile pic Alumni

i actually really like the one that says The Early Bird and then The Worm... sans "catches"

maybe if the words were a little less prominent like they are in the second it might work a bit better, but then again... people are always going to say "lose the text!"


I like the criss-crossy look for the text.


heey the textures did make it better! all those years of school worth something! hehe

the first one looks way better, im digging it. About the letters, i dont mind them at all ;)


Brilliant! This is really funny... ohhh! The poor worm gets gulped. Ah well. I like the way the bird has a napkin on- great!

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