Cool Beans, Threadless.

  • by dudmatic
  • posted Nov 30, 2009

When I first submitted this sketch as a Threadless submission, almost all of the comments were negative.

But despite that, it got printed.

After it was printed, most of the comments were still negative.

But despite that, it's been a huge success. We're on the Same Level been reprinted several times in several different forms, and was even painted on the wall of the Threadless Kids store in Chicago.

But because the reaction was so negative initially, I never got around to giving the many thank yous that I owed. So this blog is my big ol' thanks to Threadless and everyone who voted for my design.

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queenmob profile pic Alumni

I think discussion of a shirt means that it's good, the bad stuff not many people lose words about. Thumbs up! Congratulation! and the final score is pretty good!


This is my absolute favorite shirt threadless has ever printed. I might buy a second one because the one I have is wearing out. Good work.


Please tell me you're going to print more of these...Or that you know someone who is willing to sell their print!! My manfriend loves giraffes and dinosaurs (like any good manfriend should) and I would love to give him this print for xmas. Please help me make this xmas wish come true!


I was looking for the art print...not the t-shirt


Great shirt. Might have to buy it for my crush for Valentine's Day.


I want one of the prints for my wall! Will there be more?

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