Freelance and/or PayPal question.

So, I'm being laid off in a couple of weeks, but I've managed to steal some of the company's customers who now want me to do their artwork exclusively. I was thinking of setting up a PayPal account that they could use to pay me, but I've never used PayPal for anything and I'm not sure how secure or efficient that is.

Do any of you use PayPal on a regular basis, more specifically for receiving payments for services? Do you think I'm better off just having them send me a check by mail? All of the customers are in other states, so I can't just go pick up a check from them.

Just wondering.

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Oh...that's good to know. Thanks.

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depending on how money is charged to your paypal account, you'll get hit with a surcharge

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Used paypal since I was 16 so about 4 or 5 years and I havent had any problems apart from the mild charges now and then but its not a huge deal really


This being said, checks can bounce. I use Paypal nearly exclusively because I find the charges really aren't that bad; it's guaranteed payment with no hassles or "Oh, I guess my check got lost in the mail" kinds of excuses. It's completely secure; I have it set up to my checking account and tited to two credit cards. I've been a member since 1998 and have never had a problem.

I could also be rather cynical regarding checks because I work in the fraud area of my bank. I see a lot of fraudulent checks, ones that bounce, etc. :)

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Thanks for the advice. I guess I will just give the customers the option...whichever is more convenient for them. I've done work for most of them before, so I'm not too concerned about the fraud aspect.


And that's a good thing. :) Since you know them, at least there's that element of trust.

Brian, I freaking LOVE that movie. :D


Paypal charges around 3 percent of the fund transfer,
but it's faster to send and receive, it benefits both side really.

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