About the design - and me!

  • by travis76
  • posted Nov 16, 2009

Sticking with my favorite theme of heroic girls (see: Robot Derby Girl, Diodes are a Girl's Best Friend) and injecting realism or plausibilty to silly pop culture icons (ex: Madness of Mission 6 = PAC-MAN), I knew I wanted to make a certain teen detective her canine companion into the sole survivors of a Monsterpocalypse for the threadless loves Horror contest.

Everyone knows that it's always the timid, quiet, second-string female character that gets the dramatic arc and has the wits and skill to survive most horror movies. I struggled for days trying to come up with a semi-realistic interpretation of this toughened, nerdy survivor-type gal- until I remembered I was dating one, and asked her to model for it. She agreed -took a series of pics herself and held an umbrella in place of the shotgun. She wasn't sure about any of them but as soon as I saw the 3rd or 4th one I knew i had my pose.

I'm a freelance artist, writer and sculptor in need of a steady outlet for my ideas.
As a result I tend to cram as much info or story into a piece as time allows.
When I am not drawing or tinkering, I like to conceptually reinvent established entertainment franchises that I grew up on that I feel have derailed or softened, and try to remold them for a smarter, if not older audience of other aging children like myself.
I pretty much do this out of boredom and fun, for free.
I'm hoping one day this could land me a creative job doing this and not a lawsuit- I try to keep my re-imaginings vague, reverential and in the safe realm of parody.
I will also argue that you can never have enough zombies, women, robots or monsters in any artistic medium.

you can contact me at pittsillustration@gmail.com

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mismonaut profile pic Alumni

I knew this was going to print as soon as I saw it.

Good job. Classic travis76.


bennyd302 profile pic Alumni

wow I never realized mission 6 was a pac man reference, I feel like a real doofus. Now I like it even more!

Congrats! so glad it printed.

sweet n sour
sweet n sour profile pic Alumni

super sweet dude I love this a whole heap

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Congrats, Travis! I'm glad you came back around to give us this gem. :)

travis76 profile pic Alumni

and sorry for the bio-blather stuff. just trying to cover my bases if it gets looked at. threadless had asked me to write up some info in it, so i just copied and pasted what i had given them :P

ladykat profile pic Alumni

This is awesome - congrats on another fantastic print!

courtney pie


I totally missed scoring, glad I can wear this. congrats yo

mezo profile pic Alumni

Good jorb, T-bone.


I love this I love this I love this.
ALSO - love that it's implied the girls lasted the longest - as though Shaggy and Fred went before Daphne and now Velma is the last with Scooby. Too awesome.

Arrow08 profile pic Alumni

holy shit, never seen a score that high! Damn nice illustration too!

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

btw, you should submit this

to the current shirt.woot.com DERBY right now!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

So good duder. Congrats a million on the print and congrats to us for wearing yet another brilliant pop culture flavored masterpiece of yours!

I'd love to see some process of the sketches for this and the photos of your girlie to see how close you went to them. Not at all to see pictures of a cute girl, nope, nu huh.


Yes! Too bad I'm low on cash.

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Big congrats! This of course had to print, awesome in all ways. Also really interesting to read about the back-story and bio-blather. ;)


awesome image

travis76 profile pic Alumni

good idea robsoul- thx!

'velma' (christine) is now Simming us...and to make me look like ME, she has to keep me at only halfway happy..lol


Yay! I've been waiting for this to make it to tshirt-dom. Ordering mine now! ;c)

d3d profile pic Alumni

heh. "travis thinks christine is ok". damn you're hard to please. she's the beautiful star of a famous shirt for god's sake.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

isn't that the saddest status ever 'travis thinks christine is ok'..lol
maybe it's because her hygiene level is slipping...


This is fantastic! Perfect for a shirt, and just begging to be made into one of those spin-off movies/series that are so popular today. (I'd watch it.)

Aww, and you two have matching glasses. Now isn't that sweet? =D

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

a print from you takes me back to when threadless felt new to me ... a kinda nice memory

congrats on the print:)

travis76 profile pic Alumni

thx andreas! kind words

empiricist profile pic Alumni

brilliant idea and great style!


Curse you American Apparel for your lack of XS girly tees!! I would have loved to be able to wear this! Awesome job!

BlueLobster profile pic Alumni

wait...Madness of Mission 6=Pac-Man???!!!


Haha never realized that. Congrats! Love the little R.I.P. detail.


Dear Travis76,

I told you so.

Thanks for submitting again.


PS. I would buy this but AA is like shrinky dinks


congrats, travis!!

Clive Staples

Great shirt, but one qualm. I don't think Velma would wear a cross. She's the ultimate skeptic and embraces the scientific method. She wouldn't need talismans and luck charms. I'd still wear it though!

travis76 profile pic Alumni

she's desperate. and as long as there is a noob vampire or two out there, they may still believe in it :P


Brilliant design, but needs to come in XS as well.


The RIP detail just makes this awesome shirt even more awesome!!!!!!! looks like i may have to burn a hole in my wallet again soon

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

BlueLobster on Nov 16 '09 at 6:54pm
wait...Madness of Mission 6=Pac-Man???!!!


It must really amuse you Travis that every couple days someone else realizes this about that tee. It'll still be popping minds in the year 3000.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

madness of mission six always surprises me when people catch the joke..lol, i thought i was being pretty heavy handed. :)

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

well, submit it already so I can vote on it!


I must admit, when I first saw this, I thought that was a female version of Shaggy and was disturbed (this was from the thumbnail, btw). Seeing it full size, it's awesome! :'D


Great t-shirt. I wouldn't mind seeing a Girly 2XL size though, as well as the XS other people have suggested. Still awesome, though.


This T-shirt is quite possibly the most awesome one I have ever seen! An incorporation of two of my favorite things: Scooby Doo and comic books (I love that style of drawing on tees). Well done!!


congrats travis!
so happy, i can't wait for mine to get here!


I threatened to disown threadless twice... VERY happy they printed... i just hope i get a new debit card b4 this sells out! AHHH!


Yeah, I'd LOVE to have this. There's no 2x girls. D: What the crap?

travis76 profile pic Alumni

lol i ordered mine in the first 30 mins and i haven't gotten an email saying my order has been shipped- but other people i know have already gotten theirs.. no fair! :P

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