Bad Television.

I really would like to know who is controlling television these days. Who allowed some chubby, dense teenager (who looks like he does his show with a paint program, badly done, at that) to have his own show? And on MTV for that matter! All he does grunt and point. A troll would be more entertaining.

Speaking of MTV, I saw a commercial of three guys talking about the "British Invasion" of bands in America. They mentioned Snow Patrol, The Futureheads, and Kaiser Chiefs. I wanted to turn off the tv.


Watch this

Yeah, did you see what mtv and vh1 did to the live8 concert?
yeah what dumbarse decided to cut from the pink floyd reunion (oh my freaking god! pink floyd togetther again?!!!) to their lame djs that said something to the effect of "this is so like, historical man... by the way, which one is Pink?" so in otherwords verbal vomit.
yeah. i don't watch teh mtv or the vh1 at all.
you know, i love the kaiser chiefs, but, really.
they are not the british invasion. they are just a band. they aren't the beatles or anything, they aren't God.


its the channels u watch.. they all suck in my opinion actually. i only watch the tube for movies... cause most tv shows are trying to be like them anyways. and if i like a series bad enough.. i'd just by it on disc instead of watching reruns and commercials.


yeah, i totally agree. i can't stand mtv and vh1... they just don't understand music these days. they play videos that show sweaty people groping each other and then pretend to like kaiser chiefs, keane, franz ferdinand, etc..

yeah, my friend is friends with ze chiefs and... well, yeah, they are just a band. from what i've heard, their ego's are getting bigger :/


that guy isnt a teenager hes like 27 or something. he has a disease where he like doesnt physically age or something


woooow, i never knew that. it just makes it more disturbing though...


whoever the producers are for that guy probably have no idea what people like.. its not really that ironic anyways.. but if the 20-some-year old guy is the producer.. that'd be sad. shows what you need for tv (along with all those celebrity shows)


Wait, wait, wait. Are you talking about Andy Milonakus? That show is SO funny.

secretly robots
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Most people like what is on TV. That is why it is on TV and not cancelled. If you don't like it, read a book. You know how to read, right?

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Hey guys, Stella is on! Watch it!


I do know how to read. Very well, actually. Thanks for asking, though!


I really do not understand you people. Most television programs these days are golden.


I'm not talking about television programs on ABC, NBC, CBS - things like that, but stupid shit played on MTV. It's MUSIC Television. What does a fat kid have to do with music? I'm perfectly peachy about other television programs.


i personally dont like tv.. but i think it would be funny if they do go through with that turning off the tv thing in 2006. i think watching tv is incredibly boring.. im not bashing anyone.. but i hate when im over someones house.. and they dont know what to do.. so they watch tv. there are just loads of things to do.. i wouldnt wanna waste my youth on tv, much love :)


I've watched the Andy Milonakis show, literatly, at least 50 times. I fucking love that show to death, so much that I've downloaded every episode. My brother and I are obsessed with it.

Maybe you'd like it more if you watched it while high? Just a suggestion.


i watched it while sedated and all i saw was fat


i liked his videos on his site better than his tv show


oh man, maybe i should just give in and watch it. i hear it in the background sometimes, turn around and he's squeaking at a turtle. just seems odd but... i'll watch it someday, i know.


I am not much of a fan. Although I have to admit I was laughing when he was like...
"Bet I can beat you in a race, bitch!"


Yeah, the turtle skit was lame. There's a lot of really shitty filler on his show...but, there's also some really hilarious parts. Such as the skit TheGoonie mentioned.

Ash Sammy

I don't watch TV.


Well, if you think you'll see ANYTHING truly good on MTV, then you're probably wrong. The Andy Milonakus show is the farthest thing from good. But, just because it isn't good doesn't mean it isn't funny.


its mtv, do you actually expect more?

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Who has the time or money to have cable these days?!
You rich bastards.

PBS is the best channel ever. AND IT'S FREE!

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You sure are right about that, graye!
Now, they even air the Smurfs in the morning!!

What a great way to start the work day.


better than "wanting to turn off the tv" would be trashing your tv! from the crew of

"Television sucks you in, evaporating your energy and diminishing your will to think. We sit limp and stare thoughtless in front of a box that never lets us disagree, interact, or talk back. We absorb the artificial, the fake -- corporate-sponsored News disguised as truth, the plastic sitcom disguised as vibrant life.

It is not a babysitter; it is not your best friend; it is not art; it is not exercise. Moderate your use. Turn it off to make time for loving, playing, painting, and reading. Trash your TV."

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