am i the only one who can't score designs??

is it my computer or threadless? i keep trying to score a design but when i click on a number it doesn't take my score and the page with a new design doesn't load. this happening to anyone else???

Watch this

Yeah, that's happening to me too.


I can't score either. WTF?! I get two errors; 1st is "IE cannot open the site", when I do get the page open to score I get the javascript:void(0)yousuck error. Threadless' new page has been giving me nothing but problems on both my home & work computer. This is starting to make me irate.


There was a bug with streetteam links and subs earlier. If you try going to the sub page again and refreshing it should be cleared up.


yeah mine wont score anything either. im getting pretty mad too =(. ive tried todday and yesterday and it still didnt work.


Nope, still having problems. "Error on page", etc. This is only on my work computer; I'll try my personal one when I get home today.


when i score something, it just goes straight to a white page that has "false" in he top corner. and nothing else. and the url is all weird

graphic frost
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me too, false white page...


That "false" page is like a slap in the face.



Things are running better now! I'm scoring (subs)!


Does anyone see the original designer comment on any of the subs?

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